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 Adroll Advertising

What is Adroll Advertising? 

Adroll is a performance marketing platform which has grown over the past 10 years using most significant advertiser data in the market.  Marketers can reach their audience anywhere on the web with Adroll Advertising. 

With Adroll Products, they can make customers make a purchase.  

Features of Adroll Advertising: 

  • With Adroll, you can build a brand that customers love and grow customer loyalty with Adroll’s marketing platform.  
  • You can find more people who will fall in love with your brand. Advanced targeting works with AI to create awareness and drive high-quality traffic. 
  • You can grow your sales by inspiring action across ads, email, and online store.  
  • You can increase customer loyalty with relevant, personalized cross-channel experiences.  
  • Adroll enables you to automatically show the most relevant products via ads, emails, and product recommendations in the online store.  
  • The AI empowers your customer journey right from awareness purchase, sales, order value, to loyalty.  
  • You can get an idea of cost, ROI, and impact. 
  • Adroll seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms, emails, marketing automation, and reporting tools.  
  • You can be one of the 37000 bustling brands that are growing with Adroll.  

Adroll – A Digital Marketing Platform 

The Ad platform optimizes campaigns across marketing channels for attracting ideal customers. 

It not only helps in enhancing ROI, but you can also attract the right customers at the right time for the best price.  

  • Adroll uses customer data for increasing ROI 

The digital advertising platform works 24*7 to manage your campaigns automatically. 

It helps in achieving maximum growth and value.  

The AI technology analyses customer data with Intentmap, which includes over 1.2 million online shoppers. 

It helps in determining which members of the audience are likely to convert to customers. 

  • A single platform to unify marketing and boost results 

Managing campaigns across various channels can be expensive.  

Adroll offers a single platform for campaigns and eliminates the division between channels.  

You can monitor marketing goals, ad spend, and performance in one place.  

The proprietary BidIQ technology helps in analysing overall campaign performance and relative performance of each channel. 

It then makes adjustments to bids in a way that maximizes performance across your advertising campaigns.  

BidIQ focuses on channels that deliver higher value until it strikes a balance between channels for optimal results. 

  • Cross-inventory bidding attracts high-value targets 

Adroll submits unique bids in real-time for every impression to maximize the value of your campaign. 

It automatically adjusts advertising bids to prioritize high-value targets and spend less money on low-value targets. 

It results in maximum ROI.  

  • Seamless customer experience across marketing channels 

Adroll helps you find an audience via customized advertising across the web, Facebook, and email irrespective of your intent. 

Adroll doesn’t focus on a specific part of the customer journey. 

It creates seamless customer experience across marketing channels at all stages of the sales lifecycle.  

  • Adroll Attract- Targets quality visitors 

It focuses on top of the sales funnel for converting high-quality visitors that are interested in your product. 

It crosses references information about your customer’s behaviour with data from Intentmap as this helps locate potential customers on Facebook and across the web.  

  • Adroll Convert- Retargeting did right 

It helps with retargeting people who interact with your business online.  

If a visitor has not become your customer, Adroll will specifically target them via advertising and promotions.  

You can control areas where you want your ads to appear- web, Facebook, or email.  

Reasons to choose Adroll Advertising over other digital Platforms 

  • Scale 

The technology logs over 56TB of data every day and 3.6 million shoppers each week. 

It empowers the AI-driven digital advertising software with high-quality data. 

  • Quality 

It is optimized for every vertical and size of the company. 

It is an ideal solution for campaign needs, whether you are a start-up or Fortune 500 company. 

  • Flexibility 

The software performs everything from bidding to product recommendation. 

With new campaign strategies each day, Adroll is a robust ad platform for your marketing needs. 

  • Full-funnel 

It connects the entire customer journey. 

This enables the marketing team to learn about customer behaviours from the first point of contact to customer acquisition.  

Also, it continues to track customer behaviours and retargets depending on your goals. 

  • Constant improvement 

It grows stronger over time.  

The longer the campaign runs and the more channels it runs on, the performance and value of your ad campaign increases.  

Benefits of Adroll Advertising for your business 

  • Put yourself at the heart of the data 

Adroll combines first-party data with the second party and third-party data for incredible shopper insight. 

It eliminates guesswork and helps in identifying and attracting people that are likely to love your brand. 

  • Works seamlessly 

Adroll works seamlessly with your e-commerce site.  

You can benefit from endless integrations for better connecting your customer journey including  

– E-commerce add-ons 

– Email marketing 

– Customer data platforms 

– CRMs 

– Reporting and tracking tools 

  • Data-driven marketing 

Adroll offers cross-channel attribution, which aggregates all campaign data across paid marketing channels. 

It enables you to formulate better decisions about your marketing spend.  

Adroll Advertising V/s Google Ads– Which one is better for you? 

  • Likelihood to recommend 

– Adroll  

It is suitable for advanced marketing organizations with robust CRM and marketing automation platform.  

Those who just start may not be able to leverage the tool.  

– Google ads  

They are suitable for businesses that want immediate exposure. 

It is suitable for businesses who want to move away from traditional media advertising.  

Google ads are less suitable for businesses that are selling products which are no longer popular. 

It is vital for businesses without a good offer. 

  • Pros 

– Adroll 

Reporting dashboard accessible to clients is clean and easy to use.  

Transparency allows for detailed reporting. 

Adroll account reps are very responsive. 

The dynamic retargeting can target at a granular level. 

– Google ads 

Allows for accurate budget spends on pay per click advertising. 

It enables easy management of client accounts. 

It allows targeted advertising in digital space via a focus on geography and demographics, depending on the objective of the campaign. 

  • Cons 

– Adroll 

Customer service- the response times may not be the best at times. 

Many times, there can be an issue in fixing problems and finding a solution. 

Management can be an issue.  

– Google ads 

Though it offers certainty ineffectiveness of campaign, there can be some mystery to it. 

PPC can be efficient, but not all clicks are equal. 

It is not an SEO tool.  

Even if they work, they are not a cure-all. A company needs to be able to deliver what customers want.  

Bonus Tip 

In the programmatic era, buyer intent data is a valuable marketing asset. 

Most businesses don’t leverage their full potential. 

Retargeting can help in making most of buyer intent data. 

It lets you customize the ads based on the way they have interacted with your website.  


Adroll levels are playing field for brands and marketers that aspire to grow. 

It offers them marketing technology, tools, and expertise which is otherwise reserved for big companies.  

Adroll Advertising makes sure that your campaigns are executed by reaching the people. 

It ensures that you get the best possible placements online.  

If you wish to benefit from the dynamic and excellent digital platform that Adroll offers, connect with our team.  

We are a team of professional digital marketing professionals that enable businesses to grow and achieve their goals.