Apple Search Ads : Everything You Need to Know About this!

Apple Search Ads

The apple search ads (ASA) are an acquisition channel connecting advertisers with the relevant audience. Marketers can share their app with the users by bidding to appear when user enters specific keywords.

According to Apple search ads agency, this is a powerful acquisition tool. Almost 70% of apple store visitors use search to find an app. Impressions are exposed to users searching for functions your app has to offer. 

There is fierce competition, and it is important to connect with your users.  ADA is a proven way of reaching the right users at the right time. 

What Does Apple Search Ads Do?

The apple search ads help marketers in improving visibility in the app store. 

The highest bidder gets their ad placed on the result page for a specific keyword.

It is highlighted in blue at the top of the page.

Appearing on the top is a relevant branding tool.

The apple search ads best practices consist of bidding on relevant keywords for converting users.

What Makes the Apple Search Ads Platform Unique?

  • Consumer Behaviour

On the Apple platform, consumer behaviour is different than Google and Bing.

Some of the most successful keywords are one-word terms that won’t perform well on Google or Bing. 

  • Creative Sets

The ad platform has a different approach to creative customization for ASA.

You can’t upload images or text as you do on other channels. 

Creative sets are ad variations you create based on keywords grouping or audiences. 

It includes screenshots and app previews that advertisers pull from product page to run against first default three screenshots that show in the app store.

Advertisers can choose up to 10 different variations of creative sets.

It depends on the number of screenshots your app store page has.

If you have only 3-4 screenshots to choose from, you don’t have much to test with creative sets.

  • Tracking and Limited Ad Tracking

With ASA, you can only measure downloads.

You need to work with a third-party mobile measurement partner- MMP to track in-app events. 

Within iOS phone settings, apple allows users to opt for Limit Ad Tracking. 

LAT on users represents around 20% of the entire app store. 

With strict performance goals or capped budgets, it is best to target users with limited ad tracking set to understand true performance. 

Apple Search Ads Basic V/s Advanced

Both are useful for marketers, but there is a difference between both tools.

ASA basic allows to budget up to $ 10000/ month per app.

It promotes maximum of 50 apps.

The option is useful for marketers who want predictable costs and simple setup. 

ASA basic doesn’t need you to set audience refinements or relevant keywords.

Apple matches your ad to potential customers.

The automation is designed to match your ads to relevant users. 

ASA advanced is for complex campaigns.

It offers more tools for controlling your campaigns.

Advanced options offer marketers’ greater control of targeting capabilities.

Advertisers can select their keywords and control when ads are exposed to users.

They can use their creative assets. 

This needs advertisers to define keywords and audiences, setting maximum spend per click based on their KPIs.

It works on cost per click model. 

Apple will suggest a maximum CPC bid to increase chances of winning each auction. 

Best Practices for Using Apple Search Ads

  1. Reviewing App Metadata Before Starting the Campaign

It is important to review the metadata because the appearance of ad creative is based on this metadata.

It can’t be changed after this point. 

With ASA, the same ad won’t appear for each user. 

There are different types of ads,

The variants include the number of screenshots, preview video, and app description.

  1. Target the Keywords Depending on Your USP

If you have ASA advanced and you want to refine keywords that generate installs, you must understand how the target audience will find your app. 

When you know what audience is likely to search, it allows generating the best conversion rate.

With more specific keywords, you can limit the competition and increase the chances of winning bids.

Generic keywords are more competitive and have a higher CPC bid.

Monitor the keyword performance to test if they reach enough number of users.

  1. Use Existing Apple ID to Cross-promote And Duplicate Settings

While signing up for ASA, make sure that you use apple ID linked to your app store connect account.

It helps in cross promoting your ads to existing users and adding them as audience customer type.

The duplication feature of apple allows copying many of your settings over with ease. 

  1. Using Both Match Types for Best Results

For ASA, match types help in matching user searches with your keywords. 

It includes a broad match and exact match.

Run both of them for your campaigns for best results.

Broad match will include your ad in related search terms.

Exact match allows showing ads to users searching exact term. 

Exact match connects you with the audience looking for a specific function.

Using both will help in identifying what works best for your app.

  1. Using Negative Keywords

Along with broad match and exact match keywords, you can use negative keywords as well.

It helps in defining terms you don’t want to be included for your bids. 

It narrows the options for targeted ads and makes sure you aren’t bidding against yourself.

  1. Combining and Segmenting Countries And Regions

With ASA advanced, advertisers can create campaigns that group countries and regions based on similarities. 

Apple search ads available countries allow you to make optimization based on languages and customer value.

Value of each region can be learned prior to this by creating and analyzing individual campaigns. 

  1. Never Ignore Relationship Between ASA And ASO

Apple uses information based on your app’s metadata in the app store.

It’s important to ensure that your ASO is strong.

This extends to every aspect of ASO from the relevance of your preview videos to impact of your screenshots.

Make sure your app’s presentation within the app store is in its optimal state before setting up any campaign. 

  1. Optimizing Bids Over Time

Advertisers should change their strategy over time.

They should change bids and budgets to generate more installs and greater ROI. 

Monitor if it’s worth raising your maximum bid for a particular keyword.

Analyse if your budget is better spent on another keyword.

You need to be adaptable.

Apple’s recommended bid amount will inform you of how much more would be needed for winning bids.


If ASA is new for you or you are looking for ways to improve the current performance, ASA is all about discoverability. You can have a competitive edge over others with an understanding of:

– App’s product


– How the target audience thinks will gain a competitive edge

With best practices, you can generate high-value users at the right price.

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