How to Communicate in the COVID-19 Crisis

Crisis Communication

The COVID-19 crisis is continuously changing. Consequently, business owners need to update workers on the current situation. Texting is a tool that can create and send out urgent messages. These messages will help workers stay safe and informed. An SMS marketing software can update customers as well and best solution for crisis communication. For instance, changes in policies, services, and opening hours can be sent out using text messages. 

Social distancing has made businesses look for an alternate way to survive. Work from home is making that possible. However, companies are finding it difficult. Issues in communication are not uncommon. 

A business texting platform can result in a smooth transition. Remote working is possible with a steady flow of communication. 

Crisis Communication for Employees

Text messages cans send alters and updated to employees. After that, teams can prepare to deal with the changes. They can plan on how to proceed further. 

Let’s look at some tips on using text messaging software for employee crisis communication. 

  • Inform employees about the latest official guidelines. Employees get to learn ways to reduce risk in a changing environment. Therefore, texts pass information to keep employees safe. 
  • Employees need to stay healthy. Consequently, send out health advise using SMS marketing techniques. Advise them to exercise, eat, and sleep well. Send out health links of trusted sources to keep them informed. 
  • Each team may have to work differently. Send out guidelines regarding their tasks. Use mailing lists for each department or team. As a result, they will keep every employee aware of the changes. 
  • Create SMS codes that allow employees to access more information. These codes can provide automated responses on various changes. Therefore, these codes can connect employees directly with the HR team. 

Working from Home 

Social distancing doesn’t mean your company has to shut down. In fact, many companies are working from home to survive. 

As a result, there is a lot of confusion in everybody’s minds. However, bulk SMS service for business can make things easier. 

  • Schedule your work-from-home hours using text messages. Many workers don’t have the habit of checking emails. Calling everybody requires a lot of time. However, texting would only need a few minutes. 
  • Send your employees the company policy for remote working. Employees may not be clear on what to expect. Therefore, remote working guidelines can create a productive work environment. It will help employees adapt faster. 
  • Send all work-related filed and messages through texts. Teams can use text messages to discuss various tasks. As a result, logging into regular team apps won’t be necessary. Therefore, it makes things easy for those not having login details to the apps. 

Customer Crisis Communication 

Use text messaging to inform your clients about changes in the business. 

Make sure that your customers understand the social distancing rules. Consequently, provide the assurance they need at this time. 

Show them how you can continue doing business without risking their health. Do that by using text messages for communication. 

  • Send your latest process and policy updates to customers. Inform them about your ways of handling products. Similarly, explain to them about various limitations as well. 
  • Inform your clients about changes and cancellations using text messages. Keep customers aware of their in-person bookings. As a result, you get to revive your client’s faith in the business. 
  • Let your clients know how the crisis will affect your business. Social distancing will bring many changes. For instance, your usual speed might slow down. 
  • In the same vein, some businesses might stop services temporarily. Explain your reasons through text messages to your clients to reduce annoyance for clients. 

Text messaging can help your business during the COVID-19 crisis. You can send out urgent advice, alerts, and updates through SMS. Most importantly, it will keep your customers and workers safe and informed. With Text Magic – Bulk SMS Marketing Service Provider for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns

In conclusion, text messaging can decrease the negative impact of the crisis. Allow your business to operate better with a text messaging software.

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