Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

Digital Marketing Trends

The innovative digital marketing practices that were once only a dream have become a reality today! Businesses must make the most out of these trends to stay competitive. Marketing technology evolves faster, and you must keep up with changing pace. Here’s a look at excellent tips for digital marketing trends in 2020 that will help your business thrive:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

2020 is the year for AI, and it will be at the heart of the global business. 

It was predicted by Gartner analysts that by 2020 AI technologies would be pervasive in most software. 

AI can analyse consumer behaviour and search pattern. 

  1. Programmatic Advertising

It is about using AI to automate ad buying for targeting specific customers.

Real-time bidding is an example of programmatic advertising.

Unlike manual advertising, such digital tools can use hundreds of targeting signals to individualize advertisement.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots will still be trending in 2020 as a part of digital marketing.

It uses instant messaging for chatting in real-time, day/ night with visitors/ customers.

24-hour services and instant response are great benefits of chatbots.

Customers appreciate this virtual assistance.

  1. Conversational Marketing

It facilitates the one-on-one and real-time connection between marketers and consumers.

Consumers are looking for immediate response.

Conversational marketing can enhance user experience and improve engagement and loyalty.

  1. Personalization

In 2020, you need to personalize your marketing.

It means personalized content, products, emails, and more.

Personalization, based on the behaviour of customers, offers good results.

  1. Video Marketing

It is one of the trending digital marketing trends ideas today. 

Consumers view videos and share them.

Businesses have witnessed improvement in conversion rate.

  1. Influencer Marketing

It is a type of word-of-mouth marketing.

Key leaders amplify your brand message to a larger mass. 

They can be celebrities or Instagram/ YouTube personalities.

A significant percentage of people trust influencers.

  1. Social Messaging Apps

Considering the number of people that use social media, it is a huge platform for marketing in 2020. 

Targeting customers where they hang out most makes sense. 

They offer the option of personalization and send message directly to customers.

  1. Visual Search

This is one of the best marketing trends to look up to in 2020. 

You can upload an image for conduction search and getting specific results.

You need to make sure that you optimize for visual search.

  1. Micro-moments

It is an intent-rich moment when an individual turn to the device for acting on a need- to know/ go/do/buy.

Benefit from micro-moments as you need to be where consumers are searching for information.

  1. Voice Search and Smart Speakers

In 2020 it is time for voice search as almost 50% of searches are made by voice.

Expect people to be using voice search for more in the future. 

It is about staying relevant.

  1. Social Media Stories

Marketers make use of FOMO as stories disappear after a certain period.

It helps in increasing brand awareness and increase traffic on your web page.

  1. Browser Push Notifications

Compared to the newsletter, twice as many people sign up for web push notifications.

You can expect more and more brands to adopt browser push notification in 2020 for engaging users.

  1. Content Marketing For SEO

Apart from following the latest SEO trends, it is important to work on the speed of the website, useful links, and good content.

Quality content builds credibility and positive image of the brand. 

  1. SEO A/B Split Testing

Using A/B split testing, you can isolate the variable in your campaign.

It helps in identifying what version is driving results for you. 

This type of testing offers a systematic approach to make changes in content.

  1. Social Commerce & Shoppable Posts

E-commerce brands should create and post interactive ads which allow users to click and shop with ease.  

It makes it easy for the business to reach to prospective customers. 

  1. Interactive Content

Interactive content is the key to engage customers in 2020. 

There is a shift from text-based content to dynamic and engaging content for an immersive experience.

  1. Omnichannel Marketing

The omnichannel marketing will be trending in 2020 as well. 

It is about marketing on various platforms like social media, email, blog, and apps. 

It helps in offering enhanced user experience.

  1. Augmented Reality- AR 

AR is going to outpace VR in terms of market share in 2020.

Brands are using it for enhancing consumer experience and sales.

  1. Predictive and Augmented analytics

It is using data mining, predictive modelling and machine learning & helps in identifying patterns and attempts to predict the future. 

  1. Growth of Geo-fencing

While it is not new, you can expect an increase in its use in 2020.

It allows real-time targeting based on user’s location.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

These are websites that work as mobile apps. 

The development team can create web apps for any device that operates like a mobile app.

  1. User-generated Content

It is a potential source for brands that wish to target Millenials and gen Z. 

Encourage the audience to share unique ideas by offering an incentive. 

It increases brand engagement and conversion rate.

  1. Blockchain Technology

The technology is making waves in digital marketing in 2020.

It helps in the elimination of intermediaries and build trust via transparency and helps in branding.

  1. Quantum Computing

It is a new technology based on quantum physics. 

It can help digital marketers with improved mobile data coverage.

Also, it can help ads reach a wider range of people.

  1. Big Data and Deep Learning

In 2020, the data industry will grow exponentially.

Digital marketers should make good use of such data.

  1. Automation

It is estimated that 30% of business will incorporate AI for sales in 2020 & can improve customer retention and loyalty.

Also, It helps in identifying top leads and improves user experience.

  1. Google Ads Smart Bidding

Paid advertising will become more trusted in 2020.

The smart bidding feature on Google ads can be your best bet in 2020.

  1. SERP Position Zero

It is the holy grail of modern-day SEO as it directly answers user search queries without the need for clicking on a link. 

The trend is growing over time.

  1. Branding

Branding is going to be important in 2020 as well because of fierce competition.

Offering genuine, unique, and quality content creates authority and trustworthiness.

It improves Google rankings.

  1. Better Analytics

For good results, you must invest in better analytics.

You can benefit from business intelligence as it helps in making better decisions.

  1. 5G Technology

5G technology is something to look forward in 2020.

It will increase consumer base with newer connected devices.

It will change the way the user accesses online content.

  1. Privacy Marketing

Marketers need to practice privacy measures as more and more customers demand it. 

People must be assured that they can trust brands with their personal information.

  1. Website Security

If the visitor doesn’t feel safe on your website, they won’t hang around.

In 2020, website security needs to be a priority and not an option.

  1. IOT Advertising

IOT is getting everything connected. 

Also, with 5G coming into the picture, there will be more advertising opportunities for marketers.

  1. Long-format Content

In 2020, you need longer posts for attracting an audience as well as Google.

Posts must be at least 3000 words long as the audience gets an in-depth exploration of topics. 

It helps in establishing yourself as an expert.

  1. Semantic Keyword Research

Keep the user in mind while developing content and not just Google. 

Keyword intent is the main goal when a person searches. 

Go beyond primary keywords and include relevant terms, questions, and phrases.

  1. Structured Data SEO

SEO is not outdated, but you will see more of structured data being prevalent in search engine results in 2020.

Any data that is organized in a way that makes it easy for the search engine to categorize is structured data.

If done right, it gives great SEO results.

  1. Alternate Search Engines

You must consider your audience and where your brand is likely to be viewed. 

Optimize content for more than one search engine.

  1. Voice Marketing Funnels

In 2020, the linear funnel will not be relevant. 

In the new model, leads can enter the funnel at different stages of the journey.

You need to treat each customer as an individual instead of a generic prospect. 

  1. Social Media Marketing

In 2020, you will witness brand tapping on the potential of videos and interactive content on social media. 

This will help in grabbing attention and build a community of engaged and loyal followers. 

Keep an eye on trends like Facebook pay, Facebook watch, cross-stream messaging, and LinkedIn videos, tweet streaming, etc. 

  1. Neuromarketing

It is the strategy of analysing the measurement of a person’s brain and nervous system to determine the type of content they find engaging. 

It will help in designing marketing material to trigger a response. 

Conclusion Tip

Interactive Emails

Just like 2019, the interactive emails will be trending in 2020 as well.

You will see more plain text and interactive emails such as Google AMP for Gmail. 

Interactive emails boost user engagement and encourage them to take action instead of visiting another page to take action. 

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