Effective ways to Generate Leads for Cleaning Service

For any business, it is important to generate leads to sustain the business. Whether it is a new or old business, it needs to find potential customers. The competition in the home/office cleaning business has increased.

If you are wondering how to get started, here are some tips to generate leads for cleaning service business .  

How to get cleaning service customers?

  • Sell with a story

You need to differentiate yourself from other cleaning brands.

To give a face to your brand name, add a personal touch. 

Try to add a personal touch across all your marketing material and platform.

Put the same profile picture on all mediums using the same tag line can help.

Put real information on the About Us page of the website so that people can connect.

  • Retain repeat customers

To increase revenue, you don’t just add new customers.

You must also retain your existing customers.

Don’t focus on getting many customers who would buy your service for once.

Try to have a few quality leads that will come to you repeatedly. 

For repeat business, the key is customer satisfaction. 

Promotional products, reminders, and business cards help in reinforcing repeat business.

  • Online marketing

You need an impressive online presence for fetching leads. 

Get an excellent website made for the starters to derive more leads.

Make the website as interesting as possible with images and videos.

Post authentic content and information along with contact on the website.

  • Use Social media platforms

Apart from the website, you need to capitalize on social media platforms as well.

You need to have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile.

These platforms are the right place to find more leads. 

By posting relevant and informative content, you can gain authority.

However, in the long run, paid promotion of posts may not help.

Content is the king when it comes to online marketing.

  • Promotional products

These are not an expense but an investment that helps in the long run.

Pens, notepads, caps, bottles, etc. are retained by the clients for long.

It enhances brand recall value and brand visibility.

People are likely to choose your services the next time they want carpet cleaners.

  • Recommendations

Try to use the best equipment and offer excellent services.

When customers are happy, they refer your name to others.

It can help you establish as reputed home/office cleaners in the market.

  • Sponsor an event

Sponsor an event and get your name on the banners, flyers, t-shirts, etc. 

This will boost brand visibility.

It will also help in improving the local reputation. 

  • Analyse the competitors

Try to study your competitor’s business model.

You can get inspiration and learn tricks of the trade.

You can use successful techniques to your advantage. 

Marketing ideas to Generate leads for cleaning service business

Market your cleaning business in the right way. It not only helps in building the brand name but also increases your revenue. 

  • Get Certification

Getting certification for your business promotes a professional image.

It establishes the credibility of your business.

It helps in gaining the trust of people.

You can list yourself on premium directories.

  • Promotional Merchandise

The promotional items have your name and logo on them.

This reminds customers about your brand every time they use it.

Other people around them also get to see your brand name.

These items are retained for long, and they imbibe a sense of loyalty. 

  • Eco-friendly products

Clients expect you to use eco-friendly products for minimum damage to the environment.

Using such products builds credibility and a unique image in the market.

This will help in marketing yourself as a business that is conscious of their actions. 

  • Get listed in online directories

Getting listed in online directories helps in finding leads online. 

List your business on Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Yelp, and Yellowpages. 

This helps in finding local leads which are anyway more relevant to you.

Get listed on niche directories. It will make sure that people looking for carpet cleaning services find you before your competitors. 

  • Target different customers

Make an excel sheet segregating the customer data that you have.

Put restaurants and hotels in one list and salons or showrooms in another list.

Make such lists and begin to pitch some of them in your area.

  • Reply to online reviews

When you receive good feedback, reply back with gratitude.

In the case of bad reviews, be humble, and make an apology.

You can also assure them that you will try to improve and meet their expectations.

  • Direct Mail

You can send reminder emails with coupons and brochures.

Give it a try to decide if it works for you or not. 

How to get more leads for cleaning service business and turn them into customers?

  • Invest in good SEO

Significant traffic comes to websites via search engines.

Makes sure your Google My Business profile information is complete.

Use the right keywords in page titles, headlines, and body copy of the website.

  • Flaunt reviews

Collect and list reviews on your website with the right tools.

This will boost your ranking.

Visible reviews will attract users to click.

  • Give a way to leads to convert

Have a call-to-action option on the website.

Make it meaningful via subscription, requesting a quote, or booking a service.

  • Online booking

The best way to convert a visitor to the website is to make them book the service. 

This will help in not just getting leads but booking actual customers. 

5 smart ways to generate leads with SEO

  • Optimize the home page of your website.
  • Build an active blog and optimize blog posts.
  • Engage in guest posting.
  • Improve the speed of the website.
  • Be active on social media pages. 

5 smart ways to generate leads with Google Ads

  • Choose the right keywords to boost results from Google Ads.
  • Analyse competitor’s Google Ads and try to outsmart them.
  • Work on improving quality score as Google rewards high-quality score advertisers with low CPC and high ad positions.
  • Optimize mobile platforms in a creative way.
  • Use in-market segments for Google Ads. 

5 smart ways to generate leads with Social Media

  • Create a complete profile with all the information and contact details.
  • Run paid campaigns to reach your potential customers.
  • If you organize an event, spread word about them on social media. 
  • Post engaging blogs, images, and videos.
  • Always reply to queries and comments on the posts. 

Bonus Tip

Join different forums online and try to answer queries. Forums will have sections and threads for home/office cleaning services. You can answer queries or share tips and suggestions. This will market your carpet cleaning business. 

For more ideas and tips on getting leads for cleaning service business, connect with us