Leads for Business Setup Consultants

Lead Generation for Business Setup Consultants

For any new consulting business, it is important to attract new leads. The audience must feel that the brand is trustworthy. The audience should believe in your quality standards. It is time for businesses to stop cold calling and blasting messages. On the contrary, they must look for leads online. In fact, the best place to find potential leads are the online platform. 

What are the top Lead generation techniques for Business setup consultants companies?

  • References

Leverage your existing relations and clients. You can ask them for recommendations. But, make sure that your clients are happy with your consulting practices.

  • Events

Networking events are a great place to find leads. You can build various useful contacts in networking events. 

  • Website

Any business needs an excellent and interactive website. It represents their brand. Further, it helps in conveying their brand identity. Potential customers will form an opinion based on your website. Also, a good website will inspire leads.

  • Seminars/webinars

Teaching and sharing ideas help in gaining visibility. But, build the right material to enhance your brand value. Also, webinars allow you to connect with distant audiences.

  • Blogging

It is a good way of connecting with potential customers. Also, it helps in building trust and authority. It is important to share authentic and informative content regularly. Further, blogs help in creating a base of subscribers.

  • SEO

You can drive more traffic through regular blogging. Great content is shared by others. Further, your website search is optimized. 

  • Mobile 

Create a website that is mobile responsive. As a matter of fact, most users perform searches through mobile phones. At the same time, focus on mobile marketing strategies.

  • Social media

Use social media for sharing blogs, videos, and images. Join communities where you can find potential leads. Apart from that, participate in groups and communities. Further, answer their queries and add value to others. 

12 Ways to Generate Leads for Business Setup Consultants

For any consulting practice, new leads are the lifeline. They keep the business going. Without them, the business will run out of service. Make sure that there is always a steady inflow of leads. Let’s have a look at some useful tips:

  • Targeted Paid Ads

Targeted ads on Facebook are a cost-effective way of lead generation. Make sure they are location-based.

  • FaceBook Groups and Communities

These groups can offer several leads. But, make sure to geo-target your services. That way, you can avoid leads that are not useful for you. 

  • Ranking your website

Coming at the top of Google’s search result is the best way to generate leads. SEO can help in improving your rank. 

  • Video

Making a promotional video can help in targeting a potential audience. The videos will show up in Google’s search results. This will help in bringing in good traffic to your brand. 

  • Strategic partnership

Form partnerships with businesses that complement your services. Also, strike a deal where both parties can benefit. Try getting more of the available market share.

  • Retargeting

Follow up with interested customers in the hope that they will convert. Many people buy when they see your offers several times. Retargeting can be expensive, but it works well. 

  • Email marketing

Build a list of potential customers interested in your business. Further, you can shoot emails at regular intervals for brand awareness. It can help your business last for many years to come. 

  • Local Events

Make sure to get in front of the local business groups in your area. Join relevant groups so that you can promote your business there. Those people will be your audience. 

  • Referrals

Any business can get leads via references. Don’t just wait for referrals but have a proactive approach. Ask highly trafficked establishments in the local area if they can refer your services. Connect referrals with incentives. 

  • Brochures, fliers, and business cards

Go the conventional way by distributing fliers and brochures. It can be a good way of finding leads. But, be strategic about leaving the fliers and brochures. Leave them at the right places where you can find potential leads. 

  • Charity

Participating in a charity event to build positive reputation and gain awareness. Use the skills and resources of your consulting firm to help an NGO. Support any benevolent cause. 

  • Private member website

A consulting business can build a membership website and community. It will enhance the visibility of their brand. It can be an industry-specific website. This will help industry-insiders to connect with each other and share ideas. 

5 smart ways to attract more traffic with Social Media

  • First impression is crucial, so inspire the audience with visuals. Visual content can be attractive and engaging, along with the text.
  • Make sure your content is mobile friendly and easy to share. Also, most content is read on a mobile as compared to desktop. Share buttons on mobile devices are important for driving social media traffic.
  • Improve your SEO so that you can improve your online visibility. It helps in generating leads and strengthening your brand authority.
  • You must be consistent with your social media publishing. You will have higher chances of being seen. Optimize the posts through a social media calendar. 
  • Social media competitive analysis helps in dissecting your social media traffic. 

5 smart ways to get leads with Social Media

  • Link to gated content to qualify potential prospects by narrowing down the audience to people who are interested in your services.
  • Host a live video as it garners engagement on social media.
  • Run a contest or giveaway on social media for getting attention and generating interest in people.
  • Run a couple of low-key and low-cost campaigns as ROI can be great from paid ads.
  • Encourage employees to share your content on personal social media channels and make them the face of the company. 

5 smart ways to generate qualified leads with SEO

  • Use Facebook leads ads along with welcome emails.
  • Use LinkedIn for lead generation with the help of Lead generation forms.
  • Improve your Google AdWords landing page design.
  • Guest blogging and retargeting the visitors can help in generating more leads.
  • Quora is a huge platform for finding leads. Engage with users via answering queries. 

5 smart ways to generate leads with Google Ads

  • Choose the right keywords to improve the lead quality. Make sure you choose broad keywords.
  • Negative keywords can help in eliminating unwanted and irrelevant traffic to your landing page or website.
  • Ad copy plays a crucial role in generating qualified leads. Place targeted keywords in your Ad copy to target your relevant users.
  • The content on your landing page should be engaging and relevant to the search query made by the user. 
  • Running display campaigns to complement the search campaigns can be a good strategy. 

Concluding Tip

  • Survey reports

Create survey reports about your industry. It can help in creating identity and awareness about your business. Publish survey findings on external websites and blogs. It helps to gain visibility from other audiences and creates a reputation. 

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