Smart Ideas to Generate Leads for Pest Control Business

Leads for pest control

Fortunately or unfortunately, the warmer weather conditions, the ever sprawling urban cover, increase in the tolerance of pests, and overall growth in consumer awareness has brought the pest control industry into the race of the most lucrative businesses today. 

If you plan to stay ahead in the race and make a mark, then it is essential to focus on your marketing strategy. The only thing that sets a good business from a great one in today’s digital age effectiveness in its marketing strategy. 

So, we have come up with a few marketing tips and tricks to give your business the boost it needs to touch new heights. 

Top 10 Pest Control Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business & Generate Leads for Pest Control Business.

  1. Build A Catchy Website 

The first impression is the last. And, when it comes to your brand, it is your website that builds your first impression on clients and customers. 

Certain things to keep in mind while building or getting your website built are – 

  • Plan an impressive title and logo to brand your site
  • Try making it mobile-friendly 
  • Add all your social media icons 
  • One should make sure navigation is smooth throughout the website 
  • Don’t bother writing paragraphs after paragraphs. Keep it short and exciting with particular focus on keywords 
  • Include a call to action on every page if possible 
  • Include high-quality images that are informative such as before and after shots, BTS, etc.
  • Add an option for online scheduling a session
  • Include a section for reviews and affiliations 
  • Blogs are important 
  1.   SEO Is Everything 

Most people go on the internet to look for the “best pest control” or “pest control near me.’’ So, it is evident that every pest control brand would want their name to pop up when a potential client searches for one. 

Search engine optimization or SEO makes sure that a web page’s ranking increases, so their online visibility improves. 

There are hundreds of ways that can significantly improve visibility, but here are some key attributes on which you need to focus – 

  • High-quality web page content 
  • Domain age 
  • Optimized title tags and meta tags 
  • Optimized images 
  • Quality backlinks 
  • Sites that are secured 
  • Social signals like pins, votes, reviews, links to other social media sites 
  • Page speed
  1. Improve Local SEO 

Local SEO will increase to reach customers who are near your geographical area. It will help you reach your local clientele exactly when they are looking for a pest control service. 

Here are some ways to improve local SEO rankings – 

  • Optimize your Google My Business Page 
  • Try to get coverage from local publications 
  • Create local business profiles 
  • Connect all your businesses to your GMB account 
  • Offer a virtual Google tour 
  • Make sure the contact details are up-to-date
  • Try to get good reviews and respond to negative reviews adequately 
  1. List Your Company In Local Search Listings 

Find the top 10 local search listings in Dubai and claim them. Therefore, to make things easier for you here are some of them to make your presence felt – 

  • Arabian Talks 
  • UAE Contacts 
  • Yalwa 
  • Foursquare 
  • Dubai Business Directory
  1. Make The Most Of Your Free Google Listing 

 A Google listing will help your business in a plethora of ways but mainly by letting your customers know about your – 

  • Location 
  • Contact details 
  • Business hours 
  • Clients written reviews 
  • Your special offers and discounts

Polish your page by adding high-quality images, description of your business, answering FAQ’s and, most importantly, an option to book your service. 

  1. Blogs Will Save You 

The customers today are aware and like to do their research before investing in any service. Knowledge is power, and that is as prevalent as it can be today.

 So, invest in creating quality content that is both immersive and informative that can not only satiate the reader’s hunger for knowledge but also help pest control brands like yours grow their client base. 

Content does not have to be only written in the guise of blogs and articles especially in the age of viral videos. Videos should be put into the equation for a full-proof digital marketing strategy. 

  1. Invest In Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a great way to turn leads into loyal clients. Studies have shown that for every $1 spent on email marketing, a brand can generate business worth $44. You can use emails to do the following tasks – 

  • For confirmation
  • To notify your customers 
  • To spread awareness about relevant topics
  • For email marketing
  1. Take Care Of The Reviews 

Reviews are crucial for pest control brands. Reviews act like recommendations and are a quick way to gain you more customers. 

So, encourage your clients to review your service. You can also send emails requesting for their review, which can get them a 5% or 10% off on your service. 

  1. Take Social Media Seriously 

Social media can not only help you gain leads but more importantly, for pest control companies, it is essential for their brand image. 

If you are a pest control company use social media for purposes such as– 

  • Run paid campaigns
  • Drive traffic to your website and blog 
  • Create visually compelling content 
  • Interact with customers or potential customers 
  1. Use Paid Ads 

Paid ads are the ads for which you need to pay the ad space like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. for advertising your services. 

The major advantages of paid ads are – 

  • They have a very high ROI
  • They produce fast, measurable results 
  • Better qualified leads 
  • Improves brand recognition 

5 Ways to Generate New Leads for Pest Control Online

  1. Build Buyer’s Persona 

You can only target your audience with the right ads and content when you know them. 

So, invest your time and money in developing buyers persona, which is fictional characters emulating your ideal customers. 

This will drastically help you in improving your marketing strategy. 

  1. Push Out Blog Content Consistently 

Studies have revealed that businesses that manage to put out 11 blogs in a month have shown three times faster growth than those businesses which don’t. 

So, focus on creating quality blogs consistently. They can be about pests, home remedies, benefits of pest control, and a lot more.

  1. Reward Referrals 

Having happy customers is not enough. It is not only the hard work and training the team to satisfy the customers by providing them with excellent services, but also you need to reward your customers with points, rewards, and discounts when they refer the new customers to you. 

  1. Engage With Readers 

Whosoever visits your blog, or web should be encouraged to comment. You can also engage through “thank you” emails, chat boxes, and social media. 

  1. Share Your Content 

Use all your social media content to promote blogs, so people get to see and know about your well-crafted blogs and articles. Also, encourage those consuming your content to share it with others. 

5 Smart Ways to Get Traffic & Leads with Social Media 

  • Tailor content that fits the platform you are putting it on. What worked on your blogpost might not work on Facebook?
  • Make more and more videos. Post satisfying videos of pest removal, successful before and after shots, behind the scenes, etc. 
  • Similarly, post high-quality photographs consistently on Instagram.
  • Lure in the genuine lead through interesting content and giveaways on social media. . 
  • Use social media advertising.

5 Smart Ways To Get Leads With Google Ads 

  • Make use of specific keywords.
  • Use qualifying copy in ads.
  • Have a well-written landing page that caters to the target audience precisely.
  • Design a form to collect valuable information from clients and readers so you can use it for further marketing. 
  • Make ads that are better than your competitors. 

5 Smart Ways to Get Traffic & Leads with SEO

  • Make sure your blogs are easily accessible.
  • Make use of guest blogging to draw organic traffic
  • Make use of tools such as Yoast to make the efficient use of target keywords.
  • Make use of Quora for finding leads. It is a huge platform where you can engage with users through answering queries. 
  • Audit your website to figure out the flaws and fix them to improve your lead count.


Overall, we will give you the best tip, and that is to get your digital marketing done by experts. It is the kind of investment that will keep on giving. So, make a wise decision today.