Website Design & Development FAQS

How long will I have to wait for my website?

The duration of a website creation depends on many variables. Most importantly, the complexity of your website will decide its development period. We evaluate all aspects of a project to give the most efficient time period of delivery. However, any changes asked by the client in the images, text or any other element can increase the time. 

How often can I meet the team to discuss the design and development elements of my site?

You can meet us as often as you like to discuss your project and give feedback. However, we also offer other communication channels such as email, phone and video chat for your convenience. Our team will regularly update you about the progress of work for review and approval. We believe in regular communication with clients to deliver an exact website you wish for. 

How much should I invest in website building?

While the cost is defined by the complexity of elements and features, you can rely on our strategic approach for cost-effective website creation. You can contact us with your vision to get a quote. 

What are your post-development services?

We are a full-service company with well-defined teams of professionals. We have our technical team and marketing team available to resolve your post-development concerns. You can get new enhancements to your website as your business grows. Plus, we provide site maintenance and marketing services as well. Our experts can take care of SEO and content on your website. 

Do you make responsive websites?

We specialize in creating responsive layouts with mobile-friendly text, graphics and photo formats. Your website will take the shape of multiple screen sizes to engage visitors.

Online Reputation FAQS

What happens in online reputation recovery and management?

ORM services assist you in taking maximum control over what appears about your brand in the digital world. The experts analyze all negative aspects of your online image and work on fixing them. After the recovery, the management steps are applied to maintain the ideal image of your brand. 

Do you understand my industry?

ORM professionals at Lead Souq have worked with a diverse range of businesses and individual profiles. Our executives specialize in building an industry-oriented, business-specific ORM strategy. You can discuss your unique objectives with our professionals.

Why should I opt for online reputation management services?

More than 80 percent of consumers conduct an online search before purchasing any product. This 80 percent definitely includes your customers as well. Reputation is everything in the digital world, as consumers make purchasing decisions as per their negative or positive perceptions of brands. Hence, ORM services are a must for your business.

Can you completely get rid of all negative reviews?

While it is extremely difficult to completely remove all negative reviews, we specialize in diminishing them to a level that they don’t impact your online reputation. Furthermore, we reinforce a positive image by encouraging positive reviews to overpower negative ones in the digital world. 

How long will I have to wait for a positive online reputation?

It will depend on your current online image and the level of negative issues with online reputation. However, we generally see positive results within 2 to 3 months, while significant and substantial results appeal within 6 to 12 months, depending on your brand and industry. You can discuss your web presence with our ORM experts for better clarity on the time factor. 

Web Hosting FAQS

Should my hosting preference depend on the OS on my computer?

You can consider the operating system of your computer to choose between Linux and Windows Hosting solutions. However, the OS of your computer doesn’t really matter when you choose Windows or Linux hosting. So, you can feel carefree about the OS of your computer when choosing your hosting OS type. 

I have never used any type of hosting. How can I get started?

No matter if you have never used web hosting, our services are packed with easy-to-use tools. Your hosting solution experience is simplified at Lead Souq. We have all the valuable information available on our platform for you to choose a hosting solution along with a suitable domain name. Shared hosting would be suitable if you are just beginning a website. We have affordable hosting plans to cover all your needs. So, you will be setting up the groundwork of your site quickly and conveniently. 

What makes Lead Souq reliable for hosting solutions?

We have the finest resources and expert engineers constantly dedicated to creating a high-speed, easy-to-utilize hosting environment. Our hardware and software technologies get updated with the modern-demands. Hence, we are trusted as a leading hosting service provider. 

I have more hosting-related questions. Who can help?

We have a team available to hear your queries and answer them. You will receive complete assistance throughout the decision-making process and beyond. You can contact us right away to get valuable, knowledgeable and quick answers to all your questions. 

Social Media FAQS

Why should I get social media management services?

When you and your team work hard to grow your business, there has to be a social media team available at all times to handle the dynamics of social networking channels. It takes expert eyes to see and act on the constantly changing opportunities of social media. Our services will make you stress-free about your presence on social media. Plus, our efforts will boost your sales, leads, and popularity. 

Will you be making a long-term contract for your services?

Not at all. Our clients admire us for the flexibility of getting and getting out of our services. There is no need to engage in any long-term contract if you don’t desire. Our services become available to you as long as you require and desire them.

Will you keep my data confidential always?

We believe in complete confidentiality of our client’s business details and data always. Confidentiality is guaranteed even after you stop receiving our services. We have a strict policy of non-disclosure, which is followed by each and every employee at our company. So, you can trust us with the data related to your business. If you have more questions regarding data confidentiality, feel free to call us right away.

Google Ads FAQS

Is PPC suitable for my model of business?

When done right, PPC works in favour of all kinds of business models. Google AdWords is the finest platform to acquire high-quality leads with minimal investment. But, it all comes down to the planning and management of PPC campaigns. Marketing high lifetime value products, high margin products, and average order products work exceptionally well with Google AdWords paid marketing. 

Why should I pay to advertise on a search engine?

Organic search engine results can be too hard to dominate. But PPC allows you to appear on the top of that same search engine result pages. So, it makes sense for all business models to invest in search engine marketing via Google AdWords.

How long will it take for results to appear?

PPC works faster than organic marketing efforts. So, you can expect a hike in your revenue, sales, and traffic quickly. However, the trials and experiments might increase the wait up to 2 to 3 months. The duration of getting results will also depend on the type and size of a campaign.

The ads of my competitors appear everywhere. Can we do that too?

Yes, we conduct a thorough competitor analysis to create a relatively better strategy for Google AdWords. That way, your business ads will appear in every SERP that can bring relevant consumers to your landing pages. That’s how the success of PPC is defined.

Content Marketing FAQS

What is included in content marketing services?

In content marketing, you receive services of research, ideation, strategy development, content creation, content editing, publishing, and promotion. We specialize in providing high-quality marketing collateral like videos, blogs, articles, ad copies, editorials and a lot more. 

Why do I need content marketing for my business?

Content marketing is critically important for any type of digital marketing effort you make:
  • You can use content marketing to build trust and brand reputation.
  • Content marketing improves conversions and drives sales.
  • It costs way lesser than traditional methods of marketing.
  • You can build long-term customer relationships with content marketing.

How can content marketing help my online efforts?

In content marketing, you utilize high-quality content to capture the attention of your target audience, build relationships, and improve engagement. Along with that, content marketing also enhances your SEO and brand recall in the digital world. Content marketing increases the ROI of your business by bringing in more traffic, conversions, and sales through online channels. 

What is the importance of building a strategy for content marketing?

You can’t expect to grow your ROI with random content creation and publishing. There has to be a well-designed strategy covering all aspects of content marketing to target your audience and address their needs. A strategy also ensures proper alignment of messaging and language tone across channels. At the same time, you get to improve productivity and brand identity with a holistic strategy for content marketing. 

How does an agency help with content marketing?

A content marketing agency is supposed to provide a comprehensive strategy. The specialists of content should be available to research keywords and concepts best-suited for your business and messaging. The variety of content like blogs, articles, infographics, and others are created and published as per the predefined strategy. Then, the measurement and modification of a strategy need to be conducted by content experts. 


Why does my business need SEO services?

Beating the fierce competition on search engines requires consistent SEO efforts. So, all business models, small or large, require high-quality SEO services. 

Do I require SEO even if my online presence isn’t for selling anything?

More than 80 percent of consumers search for a business name online before buying anything. Your business can utilize SEO for brand recognition, awareness, and authority over other competitors.  

Can I target local consumers with your SEO services?

Our SEO services include local SEO, in which, the market range depends on your business location. We provide local SEO to attract relevant local customers to your business. 

How long does it take to see SEO results?

It depends on the current web presence, site structure, and other factors. An expert can conduct an SEO audit of your website to provide a clear estimate of positive and substantial results.  

Do your SEO experts know the latest practices of SEO?

Our experienced SEO experts always stay updated with the latest SEO practices and trends.