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Leverage our Google Ads Services to maximize your PPC ROI. Minimal investment turns into guaranteed results when you have our PPC experts. We ensure a consistent flow of traffic from PPC campaigns, which results in more conversions. 

Your search for a leading PPC company reaches a satisfactory end at Lead Souq. We take the responsibility of PPC management for you with an assurance of high ROI. 

Why you need PPC / Google Ads ?

In online marketing, pay per click is considered highly effective to obtain high-quality leads in large quantities. From small ventures to well-established brands, all invest time and energy into Google AdWords. 

Properly conducted PPC management brings targeted traffic straight to your platform. You can turn that targeted traffic into leads and customers with a strategic approach. 

Benefits your business will obtain with PPC marketing

Instant traffic: While organic traffic takes a while to feel substantial, traffic from paid advertising is instant. 

Specific targeting: Google AdWords provides multiple ways to customize a campaign to target a specific group of consumers. This increases the chances of conversions. 

Commercial intent: Audiences or keywords targeted via PPC marketing involve a strong commercial intent. 

Flexible investment: You can increase or decrease your investment as per the performance of a keyword or campaign. 

Easy measurement: Google provides complete analytics to figure out the extent of results obtained via PPC.

Valuable PPC campaign optimization steps you can’t skip

  • Choose a platform for advertising (such as Google AdWords)
  • Define your campaign goal
  • Research audiences you want to target
  • Conduct a well-thought keyword research
  • Use a list of negative keywords
  • Divide researched keywords into groups of similar intent
  • Create a compelling ad copy
  • Write a crisp CTA or Call to Action
  • Create a relevant landing page for your ad
  • Incorporate Geo-targeting
  • Try different positions of your ad
  • Experiment with different combinations of landing pages and ad copies
  • Check your quality score
  • Remove ads that don’t show optimal CTR
  • Remove landing pages that aren’t performing
  • Remove keywords that have a low-quality score
  • Put more money on high performing keywords
  • Identify low-performing keywords to pause them
  • Optimize your bid strategies
  • Optimize your whole campaign according to conversions not just clicks 

What makes us a perfect Google Ads services partner?

Technically, you can set up a PPC account on your own by using Google AdWords. However, PPC marketing requires ongoing management and monitoring of campaigns. That too, in the presence qualified Google AdWords experts. 

At Lead Souq, we have been running successful campaigns via Google AdWords for years now. Our experts have helped all sizes of business models from large corporations to small businesses and startups. We specialize in building and executing winning campaigns. Our experts will create a PPC strategy specific to your business and conversion goals. 

With our Google Ads Services, you will ensure these features:

1. Dedicated PPC consultants

Our PPC team has highly experienced consultants available to offer their skills to cover all your paid ad marketing needs.

2. Transparent process

We keep you aware of everything from where your money goes into campaign process and results obtained. 

3. Result focused

Our PPC managers keep your campaigns result-oriented continuously, so you can receive profits. This happens with on-time keyword refinements, A/B testing, bid refinements, quality score analysis, and landing page optimization.

4. Regular monitoring

Our PPC management team will dedicate time in monitoring and modifying your campaign. We keep adding necessary improvements to increase ROI to a better level. 

5. No contracts

We believe in giving complete freedom to our clients with no-contract policy. Our aim is always to retain clients by delivering the desired results. 

Our Google AdWords PPC process 

1. Consultation

Initially, we provide consultation associated with your business goals, products, and target audience.

2. Campaign strategy

We design an effective strategy for a PPC campaign with the help of competitor analysis. This phase covers the budget, target audiences, target products or services, and CPC estimations. 

3. Execution and management

After making a strategy, we move into the process of finding keywords, creating multiple campaigns, and multiple ad groups. Also, our experts develop ad copies, set regions and time for each campaign.

4. Optimization

The implementation of campaigns leads to optimizing budget, bidding, landing page, and other factors to improve the quality score. 

5. Result measurement and reporting

Each account receives a dedicated manager who measures results and creates reports. You get regular reports to obtain data showcasing your business growth via Google AdWords. 

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