Social Media Management

Social Media Management working for your business

Social Media Management

Maximize Business Results You Obtain From Social Media Management

With multiple social media platforms having massive daily activity, it is clear that you need to manage your business’ social media presence at all times. You can choose one of the three ways to do it –

  • Do it on your own.
  • Ask an in-house employee to manage it.
  • Pay professionals who will consistently bring back high ROI.

From a business point of view, it always makes sense to ensure that only experts perform critical tasks. And that’s what Lead Souq is here for! We offer all sorts of social media assistance for your business needs. 

Our company serves as your social media consultant, so you can obtain a strategical clarity. Our experts provide social media training to your in-house employees and leaders. Along with that, we take care of all required social media services to ensure a benefiting activity on all targeted networking channels. 

We are capable of establishing a professional marketing package tailor-made to serve your needs for generating inquiries and sales. That way, you keep on getting higher revenue out of social media marketing and management. 

Our social media management services include everything you need

1. Set up

We set up accounts and profiles on social networking platforms. Our optimization of every account allows your business to get a strong social media beginning. 

2. Optimization

For your existing accounts on social media, we offer optimization to fix fundamental issues that don’t let your account acquire organic reach. At the same time, we align core messaging and brand persona across all social media platforms you have targeted. 

3. Content

We have skilled content developers to create and publish effective and engaging content for your social media presence. Our professionals plan an elegant mix of relatable and marketing content, which keeps your audiences interested in liking, commenting and sharing them. 

4. Marketing

We have qualified and experienced SMM experts who will build a strategy to market your business on social media. We focus on increasing sales and enhancing brand awareness across channels regarding your products and/or services with our best social media marketing services. 

5. Management

While you take care of your business, we ensure that your business’ social media presence stays active and engaging. Our social media management process includes complete management of user engagement and in-bound inquiries. 

6. Competitions and contests

We design, execute, manage and even promote giveaways, contests, and competitions for you. Our contests can target your offers, products, services or your whole business to gain exposure, sales and leads altogether. 

7. Training

We specialize in training individuals and teams about social media handling. Our training may differ from client to client, as per the unique needs. We have delivered successful results and confidently guarantee the same for you and your in-house team as well.

8. Consultation

If you are still figuring out how to utilize social media in your business, our experts can help significantly. We are a leading social media consulting company with experienced professionals to help everyone in your company. Our services will get your business ready for social media success.

We are the social media team you need!

We spend optimum time in understanding your business, your products, and offerings. After a thorough analysis, our experts take the responsibility of your pages and profiles on social media to post, manage and engage audiences. 

Our services cover all major social networking channels such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Specific traits our clients admire us for

1. Versatile content delivery

As content development experts, we create visually attractive and meaningful content to engage your audiences. We generate high-quality image content, infographics, and other types of content to create a perfect balance. 

2. Sensitive to your time zone

Our activities are aligned with the time zone of your business location. That way, we maximize the engagement level of relevant audiences.

3. Smart content scheduling

We schedule a week of content in advance, which ensures consistency in posting. Plus, you get to preview all the created content before it goes online on your social networking accounts. 

4. Flexible pricing

Clients prefer flexibility in service pricing, so we deliver it. Our packages are flexible and customizable as per your requirements. So, you pay the most reasonable price as per your convenience. 

5. Regular stats reporting 

We have our team constantly tracking the results on every level of engagement, links, clicks, and other data. All these details get compiled in an easy-to-understand report on a weekly or monthly basis to help you review the progress. 

Let us be the social media help you require! All your social media requirements will be handled under our roof. So, contact us today for any social media management related services!