Push Notifications : Top 9 Reasons Why People Prefer Over E-Mails

Push Notifications

If you want to share information, you need to consider the speed and channel both. If you’re going to inform your friend about something urgent, you might text or call them. However, a call would be able to get immediate attention as compared to a text. The same analogy could also be applied to mobile and web applications. The success of such applications depends majorly on the marketing. Strategies that you use to retain users are also essential for growth. The smallest of features could make an immense difference for you. One such feature would be push notifications. Before we go deeper into the subject, let’s understand its meaning. 

What Are Push Notifications?

These notifications are sent to the customer’s mobile phone through the application downloaded in it. 

The notifications are instant and offer a variety of information. They include product updates, discounts, offers, essential feature updates, etc. 

In short, a push notification helps you deliver messages to customers that add value in favour of your application. You need to be creative in order to retain customers using push notifications. 

Abusing the power of these notifications could, in fact, drive customers away. Therefore, a perfect balance needs to be present while using the push notification service

These notifications could also be sent to your customers’ computers using desktop notification software. However, a web app that could be converted into a mobile app is more preferred by users. It is because most people use Smartphones as a go-to device for important tasks. 

What Are the Benefits ?

As discussed earlier, there are many benefits to using mobile and web push notifications. Let’s take a look at some of them below. 

  1. Higher Rate of Delivery 

There is a high chance that people may not read your e-mails. It is because of them get marked as promotion, trash, or spam. Therefore, it may not even land on the inbox. 

With push notifications software, the messages will be delivered as an alert. It is pretty hard to miss. Therefore, the rate of delivery is much more as compared to e-mails. 

  1. Increasing Subscriptions 

When it comes to websites, you want customers not to subscribe while they visit them. With a simple push notification subscription box, you could make the job pretty easy. 

The design of the push notification subscription process is effortless. Customers also find it very convenient as they don’t have to give away personal information. 

  1. Reduced Spams 

It is right to say that e-mails are like addresses. Nobody wants unwanted guests to visit all the time. Because of this reason, people use fake e-mails for subscriptions. Many websites also allow you to create fake e-mail IDs. 

As a business owner, your business suffers because of fake IDs. However, with the push notifications web option, you can bring significant change. 

As they are browser-based, you can save customer subscription right there. The notifications will be sent to the customer’s browser. 

  1. Maintaining Privacy 

When a customer submits their e-mails, several e-mails are sent from the website. When they are marked as spam, other e-mails are sent from various other domains. 

Getting a domain has become quite easy and cheap. Sometimes, the unsubscribe option doesn’t work correctly. 

E-mails are usually connected to families, friends, offices, and banks. Therefore, people may not want to get a new one every time. 

This is where a web or mobile notification software has an edge. No personal ID is necessary for being subscribed. As it is browser level, customers can unsubscribe easily.

  1. Easier to Integrate 

When it comes to integrating an e-mail marketing tool to your app, the process can be very complicated. Direct integration may not be an option for many. You may require a third-party integration app for doing so. 

The process is much easier with push web notifications. With two simple steps, you can get it done. 

•    Two lines of JavaScript has to be copied in the header. 

•    The Service-Worker file has to be copied in the root section. 

That’s all you need for using this incredible feature. It could also be integrated into other platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, and so on. 

  1. Simpler to Create 

Most companies have a separate team for e-mail marketing. They design the mails, test for delivery, create images, and so on. In the end, it will cost you.  

The process is pretty easy when it comes to push notifications. You do need creative skills, but not much of technical skills. 

  1. Increasing Campaign Performance 

One of the major causes of lost revenue would be cart abandonment. It means customers don’t complete transactions after adding products to the cart. 

These customers have the highest potential for conversion. You could do that with the help of web push notifications. The sooner you do, the higher chance of conversions. 

These notifications are hard to miss as compared to e-mails. They offer 5X higher reach as compared to e-mail campaigns in case of cart abandonment campaigns. 

  1. Retaining More Customers 

Statistics show that about 90% of downloaded apps are opened just once. While 16% of the users test them out more than two times. 

However, the download rate has increased exponentially since 2018. And it is only expected to rise. 

It means your app has a higher chance of getting downloaded. However, to tackle customer retention, put push notifications to use. 

With alluring, sentimental, personal, informative, and engaging content, you can create an impact. Without overindulging, you could retain way more customers than e-mails using push notifications. 

  1. Increasing User Engagement 

It may seem tricky but push mobile notifications can actually work. Creating a balance is essential to avoid annoyance. Once you figure out a good frequency coupled with cool and exciting content, you ae sorted. 

Statistics show that users getting less than five notifications a week have lower chances of opting-out. It shows that push notifications could enhance user engagement if used rightly. 

Closing Thoughts 

As you can see, there are many benefits to using push notifications. Being informed could help you come up with effective strategies for creating the desired impact. 

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