TikTok Advertising in 2020 : Everything that you need to know about

TikTok Advertising in 2020

For any advertiser, the ultimate aim is to connect with as much audience as possible. You would certainly not want to lose the opportunity to connect with consumers of tomorrow. TikTok cab ads help in growing your business and reach a new audience in 20 plus markets worldwide.  TikTok advertising in 2020 connects brands of today with consumers of tomorrow. 

Reasons to choose TikTok Advertising in 2020 for your business 

TikTok is one of the widely downloaded apps with more than 800 million installs. 

It is the third most extensive platform for advertisers as Gen Z love to watch and share videos. The variety of videos is what makes it accessible among Gen Z.  

People can not only see videos of people they follow, but TikTok also displays videos that could interest them. 

This way, businesses can get a chance to explore audience that uses TikTok.  

Advantages of Advertising on TikTok in 2020

The first user-generated content, the mobile app enables you to display ads in front of interested users. 

You can target the custom audience based on location and conversion events and track real-time performance.  

  • Engaged Audience 

Audience engagement is very high on TikTok app; approximately 90%. 

People use the app 4-5 times a day whenever they are free or have a break. 

  • Innovative Ads 

You can make the ads on TikTok more innovative and eye-catchy by using hashtag challenge, 3D/ AR Lenses, Stickers, etc.  

It can make your challenge hit by creating a buzz. 

  • Flexible ad format 

The ad format in TikTok is flexible.  

You can be bold and creative with the ad format. 

Make people aware of your brand with full-screen ads and video ads.  

  • Reach the right audience 

The AI-based algorithm helps in displaying your ads in front of users looking for your kind of products and services.  

Essential tips on how to advertise at TikTok in 2020

If younger people are a part of your target audience, TikTok ads are going to be a worthy investment.  

The ads might come at a premium cost, so a little budget in hand can be helpful.  

If you have decided to invest in TikTok ads, the following tips will help in getting started with Tiktok advertising in 2020: 

  • Create a TikTok Ad account 
TikTok Ad account

Visit the TikTok Ads home page and click on create Ad button for creating your first ad campaign.  The ads are in beta, so the process of setting up ads will be entirely online. 

When you click, a form pops up where you need to fill the details for setting up the account.  

A TikTok representative will get in touch for setting up the account. It may take around 48 hours, but after completion, the process of creating ads will be straightforward.  

  • Create an Tok Tok Ad Campaign 
TikTok Ad Campaign

There is a TikTok Ads dashboard where you need to click the campaign tab on the top of the page. 

Now, click the create button. 

Choose a campaign objective which is the prime goal of the ad.  

Tiktok ad objective

You can choose from three options- Traffic, conversions, app install.  

Set the budget for your campaign by choosing either daily budget or total budget under settings. 

Tiktok campaign budget

Both of them must be at least 500 $. 

  • Set TikTok Ad placements, details, and targeting 

You need to create an ad group for the campaign followed by choosing placement and targeting. 

The TikTok ads dashboard allows you to select the exact platform where you want to run your ads on as this includes- TikTok, Vigo video, Buzz Video, News Republic, etc.  

There is also an option for automatic placements.  

Here, TikTok determines where your ads can perform better and places the ad there.  

After selecting the placement of ads, enter all the necessary details for running your ad. Details include relevant URLs, display names, images, and categories. 

You can choose up to 20 keywords for describing your website or app. 

It will be useful for matching your product with the right audience.  

Targeting section will help in defining the target audience for ads.  

For attracting the right audience, set various parameters for gender, age, location, interests, devices, language, etc. 

Tiktok ads targeting

For a specific group of people, you can target TikTok ads by uploading the IDS of existing TikTok users.  

  • Control TikTok Ad spend, duration, and goals 

Budget & Duration 

You need to set the budget for the ad group in the budget and schedule section.  

You can select a daily or total budget amount which you intend to spend.  

At the ad group level, there is a minimum of 50$ for the daily and total budget.  

Choose the scheduled duration of the ads. 

Dayparting will allow you to choose specific times of the day or week to run your ad.  

Pacing option 

You must choose the pacing option to determine the speed at which your budget will be spent.  

The standard delivery option spaces the budget evenly across the duration of the campaign.  

Optimizing goal 

tiktik app conversion
Image Source : Social Media Examiner

It reflects key metrics you are hoping to achieve with your campaign.  

You can optimize the ad group for conversion, click, or impression. Your bidding will be optimized accordingly.  

Conversion goals are priced using optimization cost per click bidding method. This will display your ads to users that are likely to perform expected actions. 

If you set impression as your goal, the ad will be billed in cost per mile basis, which reflects the price of thousand impressions.  

  • Design Ad using TikTok’s Video creation kit 

The TikTok ads can be horizontal, vertical, or square videos and images. 

The video creation kit offers video and image template for customizing existing images.  

It comes with 300+ options for free background music.  

TikTok allows the following types of ads: 

  • A brand takeover ads which appears immediately when the user opens the TikTok. 
  • In-feed ads are native ads, displayed at the bottom of live TikTok videos or in the feed.
  • You can partner with TikTok’s team for creating a sponsored hashtag challenge which encourages users to share content on TikTok.  
  • Optimize the TikTok Ad 

You must use high-resolution images. 

Focus on call to action to make the most of redirect link. 

For more text in ad copy, incorporate words into your display creative using video creation kit.  

Place key elements in the middle of the screen to avoid congestion. 

Experiment with the range of targeting options and creative elements. 

Take advantage of the built-in ad tools.   

Promotional Tip 

You must create fun content to reach your audience organically. 

Light humour, behind the scenes videos shot in the good camera, will resonate with the audience.  


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