Top 20 Online Reputation Management Tools for 2022

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The world has become digital. Once you go on the internet, you are unlikely to let go of it. As a result, it is essential to keep an eye on your online reputation management. It helps in reducing statements that could be disruptive to you or your business. 

Fortunately, the market has a few online reputation tools. Therefore, you could use them to understand your reputation and improve it. 

Online reputation management is more like a process. You get to highlight your positives online through various tools. While you do so, you could deemphasize the negative sentiment that may be present online. 

In certain instances, online reputation management 2020 may need a lot of effort and time. However, you could reduce your efforts by using popular free and paid tools available online.

You could use these tools to manage your or your business’ reputation. Personal branding is as important as corporate branding. Hence, make the most of these online reputation tools. 

1.    Brand24

Brand24 is known to create projects. These projects will track your social mentions on the web. Most importantly, it will search the entire web for mentions. 

It includes google reviews, discussion forums, websites, blogs, videos, news sites, and so on.

You can filter your data using multiple methods. You could filter by time or even sentiment. 

In addition, you will also get to analyse the data with Brand24.

2.    YouScan

For online reputation management Dubai, you can use YouScan to your advantage. It is a listening tool that scans the internet for brand mentions. 

Most importantly, it searches various social media platforms. 

Using the data, you can analyse the social impact of those mentions. 

With its image recognition features, you can be very specific with your visual searches. 

Moreover, get to read charts and graphs for a better understanding. 

3.    BrandMentions 

When looking for a reputation management company in Dubai, you might want to take a look at BrandMentions. 

The tool represents major social media platforms and non-social websites. They include review sites, blogs, news, etc. 

You can not only monitor your social handles but also keep an eye on your competitors. You will also get to analyse sentiment for every mention to receive. 

4.    Buzzsumo

You could use Buzzsumo to improve online reputation of your company significantly. 

You can search for any item on the internet with this tool. For instance, you can apply filters like country, date, B2B publishers, language, word count, etc. 

With Buzzsumo, you will get engagement figures for Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. 

5.    Mention

Mention allows you to recover online reputation of your business very swiftly. 

Get to monitor social media to find mentions in online conversations. These mentions could be in social media, blogs, forums, or any other part of the web. 

In short, Mention is a perfect tool to track reputation, sentiment, and brand awareness.  

6.    Your Web Browser

Your web browser will allow you to improve your online reputation actively. 

Search for various sentiments online. They vary between neutral, positive, and negative. 

You could search on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or anything that you prefer.

7.    Google Alerts 

Forget about online reputation experts when you have Google Alerts. 

Once you set it up, you will get an email every time there is a new mention. 

Therefore, you can take action immediately. 

8.    The Brand Grader 

If you want to manage your online reputation, use The Brand Grader. 

This tool will offer useful information about your brand’s overall performance. 

In addition, it is also straightforward and easy to use. With an email account and brand name, you are all set. 

9.    SimilarWeb

You can get a comprehensive analysis of any app or website with SimilarWeb. 

If you want insights about your competitors, you can easily get it. 

Therefore, this tool will allow you to compare your website with all your competitors. 

10.    SocialMention

If you want to monitor real-time social media searches, do it with SocialMention. 

You will be able to see mentions from the previous day, including the sentiment. 

Above all, the sentiment would be categorised as neutral, negative or positive mentions. 

11.    Review Push

Get to collect all your online reputation reviews with the help of Review Push. 

Get unlimited location access and multi-site monitoring with this tool. 

As a result, it is beneficial for firms to spread out in different areas. 

12.    Reputology

With Reputology, you can monitor and manage reviews very swiftly. 

Get to analyse and respond to online reviews with this too. 

In addition, you will be able to respond appropriately in case of negative sentiments. 

13.    GatherUp

GatherUp will help you build a cycle of feedback and reviews to attract more customers. 

With this tool, you will be able to engage with customers via text or email effortlessly. 


Get the best online reputation management services in Dubai with 

With this tool, you can manage, monitor, and maximize your online reputation easily. 

Therefore, is perfect for large enterprises and businesses.

15.    BrandYourself

BrandYourself is meant for both businesses and individuals. 

Get a free reputation report to know where you lie between Very Poor and Excellent. 

With this tool, you could also improve your score by taking care of the risk factors. 

16.    SentiOne 

SentiOne will let you pay close attention to what people are saying about your business. 

Most importantly, you will get access to real-time as well as historical data. 

Therefore, SentiOne will get to track mentions of your social profiles and brands effortlessly. 

17.    Buffer

Using Buffer, you can schedule and send various posts on social media platforms. 

Buffer is perfect for those who don’t have enough budget or time to managing social media full-time.

In short, it allows you to share engaging content with your audience to improve your reputation actively. 

18.    SendInBlue

SendInBlue allows you to create email campaigns without needing technical knowledge. 

With simple templates, you will be able to come up with an effective outreach program. 

19.    Trackur 

Trackur has many features to help you monitor your brand. 

With this tool, you can monitor all mainstream and social media sites. 

Therefore, it is perfect for enhancing your business reputation. 

20.    Chatmeter 

Chatmeter helps businesses collect and analyse feedback from customers. 

As a result, the customer experience could be significantly improved. 

Get email notification instantly when there are reviews available on more than 20 local searches. 

In addition, you could also use this app to spy on your competitors. 

Closing Thoughts 

These tools have made it possible for you to monitor your image efficiently. Therefore, you should try them out to help your brand grow.

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