Top 20 Professional SEO Tools You Should Use in 2022

SEO Tools

Everyone knows how important SEO is for any business. It helps in gaining a wide customer base for your brand. But have you ever thought of the SEO tools used by top SEO services in Dubai

We are here to discuss the tools and technologies that can improve your SEO.

Let’s have a look at SEO tools 2022 you can benefit from:

  • Technical SEO

These tools are a basic necessity for SEO optimization of your website. 

  1. Google Webmaster

It is now named a Google search console. 

There are many tools in Google search console that can help in SEO. 

It makes sure that Google can find your website.

 You can view the traffic on your site from here.

It also shows the ranking of your site for every keyword and their click-through rate.

The tool notifies you about every activity on your site.

  1. Google Analytics

It is a marketing platform by Google for website owners. 

It enables you to analyze the traffic and performance of your website.

Also, the tool helps in attracting visitors and expanding your business prospects.

It offers several SEO tools for understanding the market, visitors, and issues on your website. 

  • Keyword Searching

Your aim should be to rank for keywords. 

The following tools inform you about how many people are searching for a particular keyword. 

They also suggest their alternatives. 

  1. KW Finder

This tool offers the most precise statistics as compared to others. 

It offers many features for making keyword search and management easy.

You can find hidden long-tail keywords.

It enables you to search for keywords by geographical location.

Few features also allow organizing and importing keyword lists.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

It is the most popular SEO tool by Google.

The tool helps to discover new keywords and trends in your niche.

It helps in creating a keyword plan which can save and share with a team.

The tool also helps in setting bids and creating ad groups for every selected keyword.

  1. Keyword Everywhere

It is a free browser extension tool for SEO.

It shows fast keywords data on the go.

Simply type the keyword on Google, and the tool will show you its:

– Search volume

– Cost per click

– Competition

-Related keywords

  • Backlinks Checking

These tools drastically improve the ranking of your site. 

It is part of the SEO Analyst’s job to get and maintain all the backlinks. 

  1. Ahrefs

It is a popular tool used by renowned companies such as Netflix, Facebook, eBay, Adobe, LinkedIn, and the likes. 

Apart from backlink research, it also offers other essential SEO features. 

The tool updates its index with fresh data every 15 minutes.

Also, it offers a free 7day trial with limited features. 

  1. Majestic SEO

It shows all the backlinks which web crawlers find against any given URL.

You must buy any of its pro plans for using most of its features.

Some of the most liked features of the tool are:

– Bulk backlink checker

– Backlink history

– Flow metrics history

– Keyword checker

  • Site Audit

It evaluates the friendliness of your website for search engines in various areas. 

Using better tools offer precise results.

  1. SEM rush

A site audit is one of the best features where it beats other tools.

It is a comprehensive marketing toolkit.

It is used by some biggest brands across the globe, such as Quora, HP, eBay, and the likes. 

It provides precise on-site issues and fixes them.

It keeps track of optimization progress.

  1. DeepCrawl

It is one of the best tools for auditing the website.

It is the most liked tool for big businesses.

The tool offers a comprehensive view of your site’s performance.

It helps in keeping track of progress with graphs.

  • Content Optimization and Marketing

It is the process of making your content engaging and attractive for search engines.

Also, you need to market the content for which you need the right tools.

  1. Yoast

It is useful for optimizing content. 

Use it by installing its extension in your WordPress or visit their page and check the content.

It shows keyword density.

The tools guide on the usage of subheadings.

It makes sure that your content is good.

  1. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

It offers guidelines on how to structure your content.

There is a testing tool to see the changes we need to make.

Paste the content or URL, and it will show you how you can improve.

Not just that, it is a free tool that can be used by all.

  1. Buzz Sumo

It is a tool for content planning and scheduling. 

Also, it can help in finding trending topics in your niche.

It also suggests influencers who can promote your content.

The premium tool needs a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • Video SEO

Few tools can help in improving the SEO of your videos. 

  1. Tube Buddy

It offers tools for productivity, bulk processing, video SEO, promotions, and data and research.

You can get its browser plug-in for free. 

However, it has limited features. 

The premium tool requires a monthly/yearly subscription.

  • Rank Tracking

The tools help in calculating the success of SEO practices. 

  1. Rank Tracker

It helps in tracking the rank of your keywords and website geographically.

Tracks and evaluates keywords used by competitors daily.

It offers a comprehensive report that can be shared with clients.

  • Speed Optimization

These tools ensure that your website is not slow. 

Google considers website speed for SEO. 

  1. Google Page Insights

It offers two different speed scores for mobile and desktop devices.

The tool highlights every element which slows down the website.

Also, it offers suggestions on how to improve speed.

  1. GT Metrix

You need to paste the URL, and it shows the results. 

It offers recommendations for changes and priorities. 

It shows two-speed scores:

– YSlow score in speed test by Yahoo

– PageSpeed score is speed test by Google

  1. Pingdom speed test

The tool enables you to select the geographical area of the test.

  • Project Management And Reporting

These reports show the performance results of an SEO strategy.

  1. Web CEO

It offers 15 best SEO tools for small businesses.

It has pro-level marketing tools in 24 languages.

The tool is popular for in-depth SEO reports.

It is used by 6% entrepreneurs, 41% small business owners, and 53% digital agencies.

  1. Agency Analytics

It is an all-in-one reporting platform for agencies.

The tool creates automated reports which are automatically delivered to the client.

It enables you to create a custom dashboard for your client, so that they can see your KPI. 

It is brandable, so you can use your logo, domain, and colour scheme.

  1. SEO Profiler

It allows creating white-label SEO reports in PDF or web-based format.

The premium tool can be used for free for seven days.

It allows creating reports with the logo and colour scheme of your company.

You can use custom text on cover sheets.

The tool allows scheduling reports for automatically sending to clients.

You can give access to the client for viewing web-based reports. 

If you are looking for more tools and SEO strategies for your business, connect with SEO Company in Dubai for consultation. 

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