Whatsapp Marketing In Dubai | New Way to Boost your Business

Whatsapp Marketing in Dubai

WhatsApp is not just a mode of communication, but it has also emerged as a tool for endorsing your brand. WhatsApp marketing Dubai is the recent digital marketing trend that has been working wonders. 

Businesses can now advertise their products and services at cost-effective rates. Innovative and short precise details can be sent via WhatsApp with digital images and videos. 

It can be challenging for businesses to survive the competition.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing UAE

  • It is a free application.
  • One of the main benefits is that WhatsApp is a cheaper marketing tool than others.
  • It is an easy-to-use channel that is fast.
  • WhatsApp supports image, video, and voice message formats.
  • WhatsApp offers quick response as compared to other marketing tools.
  • You can benefit from more tracked reporting.
  • You can send massive text messages in multiple languages.
  • You can easily incorporate hyperlinks in messages. 
  • With WhatsApp, you can send up to 50000 messages per day.
  • It can help in upgrading the customer base extensively. 
  • Companies can increase their brand exposure significantly with increasing Smartphone users.
  • With WhatsApp marketing, you need to contact information on existing and new customers.
  • You can send catalogues, brochure, and audio links for sharing information related to your business. 
  • It is an ideal medium to communicate directly with your customers. 
  • With bulk WhatsApp messages tool, you can offer quick service to customers based on their needs for complete customer satisfaction. 
  • People are mostly present on the phone so that you can reach them more effectively.
  • You can broadcast your message and announce new offers and boost sales. 

What makes WhatsApp different than other marketing tools?

WhatsApp is more reliable and faster than others. It is a user-friendly way of increasing sales in a short period.

With WhatsApp, you can send images, sounds, videos, infographics, and text along with store or office location.  

The traditional ways of offline marketing have their limitations, such as SMS marketing. Marketers have widely used it to date, but you can’t send images and videos with them.

WhatsApp overcomes these limitations.

Also, SMS marketing is not a universal solution. It’s not cost-effective and confined to text messages.

Essential tips to make the most out of your WhatsApp Marketing

  • Perform Real-Time Customer Service

With chat, voice calls, and video calls, WhatsApp offers an opportunity to help customers resolve doubts in real-time.

You can improve the quality of the service.

You can also encourage the loyalty of the audience via direct and personalized treatment.

You can optimize the communication with the help of WhatsApp web. 

It is the desktop version of the application.

Thus, you can use a keyboard, microphone, and PC camera.

This can be more comfortable and productive.

  • Benefit from The Power of Groups

WhatsApp allows you to create groups of up to 256 members. 

This function enables you to create a collective chat where all members can interact.

An ideal space is opened to survey specific audience studies. 

The groups are a perfect place for knowing the public’s opinion about the launch of new products. 

WhatsApp groups are also beneficial for organizing sales events.

You can share information with clients with specific profiles such as people with specific needs and interests. 

You can obtain first-hand information for your market

  • Benefit from Multimedia

You must try to make the most from what WhatsApp offers you.

This will help in attracting them and keeping the attention of your audience.

When writing text messages, use italics and bold to highlight the information.

You must also try to enrich the messages with videos, GIFs, photographs, and links.

You must also add face-emotions to increase the expressiveness of your shipments.

  • Focus on Quality of Message to Keep Audience Interested

Keep in mind that customers have put their trust on you and shared their contact numbers.

You must maintain quality and respect in your communication.

The messages on WhatsApp should be brief, precise, clear, relevant, and grammatically correct.

Instead of sending separate sentences, it is better to send messages in the form of small paragraphs.

Reception of several small sentences is annoying.

Getting notification for each sentence can disturb them.

They may ignore it, considering you to be invasive or spammer. 

  • Use All WhatsApp Functions to The Maximum

For making the most of the WhatsApp marketing, you must take full advantage of all the features.

You must place a representative profile picture of your business.

It can be your business logo, as well.

This will enhance brand recognition and familiarity. 

You can also use a photo of cordial representative logo or photo of representative in charge.

Send the exact location of your business, so the client receives an interactive map with clearly marked address and with all facilities of Google maps. 

Additional Tip

You can use WhatsApp status for promoting your offers. This is a non-invasive way of promotion.

This feature helps to upload posts that last for 24 hours. They disappear later. 

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for WhatsApp marketing agency for boosting your business growth, get in touch with our team in Dubai. 

Lead Souq is a team of experienced digital professionals that expertise in various digital mediums for marketing your business. We are a UAE based company that offers a reliable solution. We have clients across various industries with a successful track record. 

If you wish to promote your business across Dubai and UAE, WhatsApp marketing services are the best medium.  


The tips mentioned above can boost your business via WhatsApp application.

The only fundamental need is to have the telephone numbers of the prospective and current customers. You can send reminders and promote your special offers.

It offers precision in terms of reach. It is also an ideal tool for spreading your proposals, promotions, and news. 

WhatsApp is an ideal tool for reaching your audience and promoting your brand or products. You can communicate with the public in real-time.