Youtube SEO Ranking : How to Rank 1st on Youtube ?

Youtube SEO

Thinking about SEO, we always consider Google. It is the most powerful search engine but not the only search engine. Tapping on other engines can boost your search presence and conversions. Today, let’s talk about YouTube SEO ranking. 

It is a search engine for videos. As YouTube has its search engine, it has its SEO practices.  You must get your videos high up on YouTube SERPs.  YouTube SEO Ranking can be different from regular SEO Ranking.

Let’s explore some techniques that will offer visibility on YouTube:

1. Find Video Keywords

Keywords on YouTube are different from keywords that appear on search engines. 

You can look for keywords using Google in your niche.

See if any keywords bring up video results.

Your selected video keywords must get a hundred monthly searches.

Focus on a few but meaningful numbers of searches each month.

2. Optimize Video Title

You must include a focus keyword in your video title.

Also, the title must solve the problem.

You should be clear about the expectations of the viewers.

You should be clear about your titles.

3. Optimize Your Tags

Tagging is one of the best SEO features offered by YouTube.

You can enter relevant keywords so that videos get more views. 

Use tags relevant to your topic. 

Don’t use too many; 10-12 tags are enough.

4. Tell People to Comment

When videos get a lot of comments, it reflects popularity.

YouTube prioritizes popular content. 

Comments are one of the metrics YouTube uses to decide what people like the most.

Hence, end the video with a question to get the discussion started.

5. Encourage Subscriptions

Subscribing is used for ranking videos.

Subscribing means people will see the content regularly

For YouTube, that’s the value you are providing.

Ask people for subscribing more than likes and comments.

6. Step Up the Production Value

You must enhance video quality to increase search performance.

In the absence of studios, even a Smartphone is capable of recording videos.

Small investments of 100 to 150 dollars can help you get quality videos.

Get a tripod for your phone.

Add a nice backdrop.

Throw some light on it.

Get a microphone. 

Even an ordinary microphone offers better audio quality than the phone’s built-in microphone.

Your search traffic will witness improvement.

7. Attractive Thumbnail

It doesn’t directly affect YouTube SEO Ranking.

But it has a huge impact on your SEO.

Good thumbnails mean more clicks and better SEO.

Thumbnail must stand out and tell about the video.

Many people view videos looking at the thumbnail.

  8. Add Closed Captions

YouTube videos support closed captions.

They are for people who are deaf.

But they offer SEO benefits.

You can get an SEO boost with closed captions.

YouTube supports automatic captioning, but you can edit them.

You can add your own to ensure captions are accurate.

  9. Edit Your Filename

You must rename the raw file, so it reflects the title or focuses keyword.

If you rename and use a focus keyword, you will be able to explain YouTube about your video.

10. Build Links to Your Channel

For best YouTube SEO, get links for your channel and individual videos.

These links tell YouTube that you are an authority in your niche.

11. Share on Social Media

This is simple but an important step.

YouTube is a social channel. 

We need to share videos on every social platform.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora.

It maximizes YouTube visibility.

12. Send Email to Your List

It is an effective form of marketing.

You can send out an email to thousands of people.

You get innumerable eyes on your content.

This increases the number of views.

13. Embed Your Video

It gets your video in front of more people. 

You can embed your video anywhere, but the blog post is recommended.

It will increase user engagement. 

14. Steal Keyword Ideas

It is suggested to see what the competitors are doing.

You might find keywords that businesses in your niche are using.

Try using these keywords in your videos.

Track the change in performance.

15. Describe with Focus Keyword

Use the focus keyword when writing video descriptions.

Don’t sound forced.

YouTube’s bot will see your keyword immediately and crawl it.

This will result in a higher ranking for the keyword.

16. Use YouTube For Keyword Research

Using YouTube is another way to find good keywords.

Use YouTube’s search bar for auto-generating popular keywords.

You will find several suggestions in the search box.

 17. Increase Your Watching Time

It is the amount of time people spend watching videos.

If people spend more time watching your video, it reflects that people like your work.

18. Review Watch Time Report

YouTube offers handy reports that you can analyse how videos are performing.

Watch time report helps you seeing how many minutes people are spending on your videos.

The report is useful for tracking changes in user engagement. 

19. Look at Audience Retention Report

The audience retention report shows a handful of helpful metrics.

It shows the average view duration and top-performing videos.

Go to Analytics> Audience retention within the creator studio.

20.  Engagement Reports

YouTube offers nine engagement reports for measuring overall performance.

Have a look at each of the report regularly, as it is essential.

The various metrics are perfect for improving YouTube SEO.

21. Add Some Suspense

If you have trouble increasing watch time or user engagement, rethink making the videos.

You can start the video with a bit of suspense.

Begin with statistics that grabs attention. 

Ask a question.

It doesn’t matter how you do it; keep the viewers watching the video.

22. Create Playlists

Build keyword-rich playlists to strengthen your SEO.

You can get more search traffic.

Using playlists is one of the tactics that increase view time and retention.

23. Get Featured on Other Channels

It is tricky but can offer big results.

Pick a channel that complements but doesn’t compete with your channel.

If you pick a channel from your niche, you may lose viewers.

 24. Get Interviewed

Some YouTube channels specialize in interviews.

Getting featured on these interview channels can help.

25.  Optimal Video Length

The average length of the top ten most popular YouTube videos is 4 min and 20 seconds.

There is no right answer.

It depends on your video content.

26.  Improve Your Content

You can keep people coming back solely based on your content.

Content is the foundation of all SEO.

It must be better than everyone else’s.

27. Videos That Help

Make videos that offer value.

If your content offers information, solution, or tips, it will get more views. 

28. Categorize Video

Categorize video under Advanced Settings.

Choose a category to group video with similar content.

It will gain more exposure and more views.

29.  Translate Video Transcripts and Offer Subtitles in Multiple Languages

This will make your video accessible to more viewers.

Subtitles in various languages will expand your audience. 

This way, you can get an international audience as well

30.  Discuss your target keyword in the video

Keywords must appear in title, description, tags, and transcript. 

YouTube uses your transcript and captions to the rank video. 

Include an accurate transcript.

Use YouTube’s Search Suggest for finding keywords. 

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