YouTube Videos Optimization: Top 25 SEO Tools


Video streaming and social media platforms have become a means of sharing online content. Getting internet connectivity has made these platforms more accessible. YouTube is a popular means of streaming videos online. 

The powerful videos shared on YouTube manage to keep people glued to their devices. According to YouTube, residents between ages 18-34 watch videos mostly on their mobile devices. 

Due to this reason, video optimization has become essential today. For more views, you need to adopt certain measures. They help videos find your video and choose them over others. Video optimization helps in staying ahead of the vast pool of competition. 

Getting noticed on YouTube can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. Using the best YouTube SEO tools, you can optimize your content. 

Let’s take a look at these popular Youtube SEO tools and techniques below. 

I.    Video Pre-Production 

Conducting Keyword Research 

Research about popular topics with their colloquial terms. Targeting specific keywords will help in getting a higher rank on the YouTube SERP. 

1.    YouTube Autocomplete 

YouTube usually suggests certain phrases and keywords when you type something in the search box. It is the Autocomplete feature. It’s free and quite useful in finding popular keywords. Each suggestion can help you in picking a video topic as well. As these keywords are already popular, you can easily get a higher ranking. 


Use for conducting exhaustive yet straightforward keyword research. It is excellent for getting better autocomplete suggestions. This tool can help in finding “rankable” autocomplete suggestions and keyword variations. You will also get keyword-based video captions and tags using this tool. It will ultimately help in getting more views. 

3.    Kparser 

Kparser is another easy-to-use and intuitive paid tool for keyword research. It can collect and provide plenty of long-tail queries suggestions. You can use them to promote your videos. 

The tool will also let you add additional keywords before and after target queries. In addition, you can examine excluded and included keywords using this tool. 

Analysing Channels (Yours + Competitors’)

You need to compare the existing data of your channel and compare it with your major rivals. You can do that using several tools. 

4.    YouTube Analytics 

You can understand what’s working and not working for your channel using this tool. YouTube analytics is an easy-to-use and free tool. However, it is pretty comprehensive. You can learn about videos that offer more income with this tool. 

Get to perform detailed analysis on each separate video as well as your entire channel. Significant aspects include view count, viewer demographics, real-time reports, likes and dislikes ration, etc. 

5.    Quintly 

Quintly is a web-based application that can help you keep an eye on your social media accounts. Access data from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to enhance your future campaigns. 

With Quintly, collecting, and analyzing data can be simple and super-fast. You will also get to connect Quintly with your YouTube Analytics account. It can save you several hours of manual tracking of the KPIs. 

6.    Rival IQ 

Understand your competition on YouTube using Rival IQ on a deeper level. You can make informed decisions to enhance performance results using this tool. Receive profound insights through cross-channel reporting and social media tracking. The tool will be useful in boosting your online presence. 

Both newbies and data scientists can easily process the data. Therefore, Rival IQ is an extremely convenient tool for you. 

7.    VivIQ 

Improve your YouTube ranking and reach using VivIQ. It is a powerful tool that offers an excellent optimization solution. You can connect with top niche influencers or monitor viewer engagement with this tool. 

This powerful feature-packed tool will offer comprehensive information about your videos, channel, and competitors. You can use this information to compare channels for free. It can help make positive changes to your digital marketing strategy. 

Snagging Competitor Tags 

Get ahead of your competition by finding out the tags they use. Certain tags help their videos get noticed. You can view them using the HTML code of the page. If you find it difficult, you can use other tools. 

8.    TagsForYouTube 

Using Tags for YouTube, a Chrome extension, you can access YouTube tags easily. It isn’t a powerful tool for analytics. However, you can save a lot of hassle by using it. With this tool, viewing YouTube tags become much simpler. 

9.    TagsYouTube 

Apart from viewing competitors’ tags, you can generate tags based on target keywords as well. You can access a list of tags that are related to the target keyword using this tool. TagsYouTube also offers features like Thumbnail Generator, Advanced Title, and so on. 

10.    RapidTags 

RapidTags is a free tool that helps in generating tags quickly. You can even apply a language filter using this app. You can use it to search for tags from different localities. This tool can help you get traffic details, such as dislikes, comments, likes, views, etc. 

II.    Video Post-Production 

Creating a Thumbnail 

Video thumbnails offer a rough underrating of the video that any viewer is about to watch. You can create custom thumbnails using several tools. 

11.    Canva 

As a leading graphic design tool, Canva will help you create beautiful thumbnails. The tool is easy-to-use and doesn’t require you to be a designer. 

Apart from creating thumbnails, you can do other tasks on Canva as well. For instance, you can perform design-related tasks like presentations, booklets, sales pitches, etc. Get access to free stock photos, illustrations, shapes, backgrounds, and texts using this tool. 

12.    FotoJet 

For enhancing your YouTube marketing game, you can use FotoJet to your advantage. It is a collage making, photo editing, and web graphic designing tool. Using FotoJet, you can create gorgeous YouTube thumbnails very easily. 

13.    Snappa 

Snappa is an incredible all-in-one graphic design software. Using this tool, you can form stunning YouTube thumbnails effortlessly. Non-professional designers love this app because of its versatility and simplicity. Access several breathtaking templates using this software solution. 

Optimizing the Video 

Before uploading your video, you need to polish it using an editing tool. There are several optimization tools available to fast-track the process. 

14.    iMovie 

If you want to use a native app on your MacBook, you can try iMovie. This intuitive video editing software is filled with many features. Insert titles fix shaky videos, add great visual effects, or manage audio files with this app. 

The tool also supports HD and 4K videos. Hence, it’s excellent for influencers using iPhones, or GoPro cameras to record videos. 

15.    Blender 

Blender is a free video editing tool that can be used for VFX, 3D, animation, rendering, modeling, and creating video games. With Blender, you can apply transitions and filters, or even trim videos. 

You can also add extra audio, video, or image files as edit them on your Linux, Windows, or Mac devices. The tool may be complex but can offer excellent results. 

16.    Corel VideoStudio 

Corel VideoStudio is a Windows-exclusive software that can add many videos and edit them. You can also perform editing actions like resize, rearrange, trim, crop, etc. using this tool.  

Avail features like lens correction tools, 3D video editing, and stop motion animation using Corel VideoStudio. 

III.    Video Promotion 

Tracking Ranking Positions 

You need to conduct regular video ranking check-ups to improve your YouTube channel’s performance. Fortunately, you can do so using several position tracking tools. 

17.    SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is a top-notch keyword tracking tool. You can use it to get accurate data, detailed analysis, and reports. You can also get access to many useful features using this tool. It is definitely a tool you need to up your digital marketing game. 

18.    RankTrackr 

Get to track rankings on the popular search engines with this tool. You will also get detailed insights regarding the site’s position. Therefore, you can use it to analyze your and your competitors’ performances. In addition, RankTrackr allows you to track via location. 

19.    YTRank 

It is a simple tool that can track the YouTube video ranking position based on a particular keyword. It is a convenient tool, even for newbies and amateurs. 

Sharing on Social Media 

The success of any video marketing campaign depends on the number of views. Social media platforms seem to be perfect for gaining more eyes. Certain tools can spread information faster. 

20.    DrumUp

It is a paid tool where you can schedule the promotion of video content on several social networks. Communicate with target audiences on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook with DrumUp. 

21.    HootSuite 

Using HootSuite, you can foster meaningful relationships with clients. It also allows you to manage several profiles effortlessly. Hootsuite’s advanced options make it a must-have. 

22.    eClincher 

As a full-featured social media management tool, you can manage and oversee your social presence. Some features include content curation, analytics, social dashboard, etc. It can surely enhance your views. 

Managing Video Comments 

Handling video comments can get out of hand sometimes. Fortunately, some tools can help you manage comments better.

23.    YouTube Comment Moderation 

You can use the content moderation tool on YouTube to customize the settings. It will help filter out inappropriate comments. 

24.    TubeBuddy 

With this free browser extension, you can access multiple tools to manage your YouTube channel. Filter your comments according to positive or negative sentiments, questions, and so on. 

25.    Smart Moderation 

It is a paid tool for comment moderation. With its help, you can delete profane comments to protect your web reputation. In addition, you can also remove unwanted comments from your videos using this tool. 

Closing Thoughts 

YouTube is an incredible platform for influencers. Use these SEO tools correctly to improve your performance results significantly. 

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