10 Smart Ways to Improve Online Reputation In 2020

Online reputation in 2020

The modern consumer relies on the internet to satiate their wants for most products and services. The internet served mostly as a static pamphlet for brands in the yesteryear. Thats why Online Reputation in 2020 is important and crucial to maintain. However, today it has transformed into a competitive platform to sell and advertise a brand and its products. 

As a result, a brand’s website, review columns, and social media platforms serve as a window for customers to shape their opinion about your brand. 

So, it is evident that every brand wants to showcase itself in a positive light to its consumers. This is what online reputation management services in dubai will do for brands. 

They will make sure to fine-tune your brand’s online reputation in 2020 using various tools and techniques. 

Reputation management achieves its goals in 3 significant steps –

  • If a brand is in its blooming stage then building a good reputation is essential 
  • Then, the management company thrives on managing an established reputation.
  • And finally, it helps to recover a brand when it gets hit by negative reviews and a bad reputation.

10 Tips to Improve Online Reputation in 2020

  1. Blogs

Think of blogs like an old school diary or journal which can be both informative and entertaining for the readers. 

However, it requires to be updated regularly. Researchers have found that brands and businesses that put out at least 11 blogs in a month do three times better business than those which do not. 

Well, written blogs with the right use of keywords, can shoot up your rankings significantly. 

Other than focusing on writing relevant blogs, brands should also thrive on being consistent with them.

  1. Reviews

The modern customer relies on the web for making wise purchase decisions today, and reviews play a significant role in moulding their judgment. 

The brand must encourage their customers to leave their feedback or appreciation for the product or service. 

You can increase the number of reviews drastically through-

  • Offering points for each review that can be converted to discounts later.
  • To send a customer’s feedback form after every purchase of each customer.
  • Giving a discount code to customers who leave, say, ten reviews. Therefore, you must highlight positive customer reviews on your website.
  1. Negative review handling

No business is perfect, and it is not uncommon for them to get negative reviews. 

However, it is the way these negative reviews are handled that separates a smart brand from a one with dim repute. 

The reputation of a brand can be managed through negative review handling very efficiently. 

Some simple ways to handle negative reviews are –

  • Come up with a professional and prompt response before they can escalate further.
  • Do not shy away from apologizing.
  • After acknowledging the issue, take it in the inbox away from public view.
  • Make sure fake reviews posted by past employees, competitors, etc. are removed immediately.
  1. Refrain from arguments

Be as gentle as possible with everyone online; be it customers or competitors. 

The brand should avoid getting riled up in emotional and unnecessary controversies. 

Moreover, aggressive behaviour should not be showcased under any circumstance. 

  1. Web Directories

Directories are online listings of businesses that usually contain the name, address, and contact details of the company. 

Furthermore, local companies can create their listing free of cost, and it plays a significant role in increasing traffic and customer trust. 

Some of the important business listings in Dubai to list your company in are –

  • Yellow Pages
  • Dubai Business Directory
  • UAE Contacts
  • Local Data Biz
  • Anglo Info
  1. Social Media

Researchers have revealed that close to 80% of consumers resort to a brand’s social media platform to look it up. 

So, social media plays a key role today in building a brand’s positive image as well as gaining more leads. 

Some ways to up your social media game are –

  • Engage with your audience
  • Create content consistently
  • Include high quality visuals in the guise of photographs and videos
  • Create interesting content
  • Host frequent giveaways and contests to increase followers
  • Declare about new products, updates, company, exciting deals on your social media handle
  1. Publicity

A brands relation can be expected to improve or grow only when people are aware that the brand exists. 

So, here are some full-proof strategies to improve the publicity of a brand –

  • Get influencers review and talk about your product or services
  • Use your branding everywhere starting from packaging to interiors
  • Make great use of Google’s AdSense auto ads
  • Use Linkedin as a publishing tool
  • Most importantly, engage with your audience
  1. Guest Posting

Apart from writing blogs for your own site, indulge in writing articles and blog posts on others websites. 

The advantages of guest posting are innumerable and here are some worthy of mentioning particularly –

  • The guest blogger can establish authority through their quality content
  • It can increase the ranking of your business via quality backlinks by posting on related websites
  • Guest blogs and articles increase brand awareness
  • Such posts give instant exposure to targeted traffic
  • And above all, it can stimulate social media shares
  1. Humour

Give your brand a fun, innovative twist that can shoot up engagement and improve your brand reputation vastly. 

For instance, some of these brands have taken humour seriously and reaping the benefits as –

  • Durex
  • Old spice
  • Taco Bell
  • Wendy’s
  • Netflix
  1. Online presence of your key employees

Owners and key employees are the reflections of a brand. So, make sure that the owners and the key employees of the brand have a strong and pleasant online presence. 

Take cues from Elon Musk, Jeff Weiner, and Kylie Jenner on how to build a social media presence that will uplift your brand.


Finally, we have the biggest and most important tip for you, and that is to invest in ORM services in Dubai

Reputation management is more crucial than ever and is vital in today’s times rather than being an accessory. Moreover, it is not only time consuming but requires an immense volume of skill, experience, and creativity that is only possessed by professionals. 

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