Essential Tips to Keep Your Marketing Intact in Times of Quarantine – COVID 19


We are facing a pandemic – COVID 19 on a global level and times are tough.

But how business leaders respond to the critical situation will determine their future.

Quarantine asks for social distancing, but technology enables us to carry on our work. 

Technology offers new ways to engage with consumers. 

The idea is to find creative ways to survive and be prepared for something like this in future as well. 

How has coronavirus (COVID 19) affected marketing worldwide?

Gatherings and conferences are being avoided and work from home is the new norm. 

Lesser or no people are walking into the businesses. 

Companies investing in outdoor advertising such as signage and billboards or magazines are getting lesser visibility. 

Companies relying on events or promotional activities may struggle even harder. 

It is rightly said that the radio and TV advertising budget will increase. 

There are chances that companies may hold on to cash and marketing budget to face the crisis.

Some businesses will suffer more than others. 

If your industry has suffered more than others, your search traffic may have plummeted in recent past. 

Many believe that it is not possible to estimate the impact of coronavirus on marketing. 

Is search marketing a ray of hope?

People are working from home with flexible work pattern.

They may engage in personal and business searches at any time of the day.

The search behavior will vary from one industry to another and by one query to another. 

For example, coronavirus is trending the searches on top news and social channels. 

For certain businesses, the need for SEO and PPC will be more than ever.

Quarantine (COVID 19) is not for your Marketing 

During any crisis, it is all about how any businesses respond to it. 

You need to be calm and patient and do what is best for your business.

Hoarding the search marketing budget is a big NO. 

It is all about how a business treats its marketing as it will define their success in crisis. 

You must not stop marketing at any cost. 

The idea is not to stop marketing but to relocate budget for outdoor marketing to digital channels.

Tips for marketers on how to revive the marketing in times of crisis – COVID 19

  • Awareness About Search Trends

Remain updated about what’s being searched right now.

This helps in being relevant for short-term SEO and PPC. 

You can benefit if you provide the products required by people.

Being aware of queries raised by people, you can develop relevant content for answering.

  • Relevant and Timely Content

Take this time as an opportunity to communicate and give insight into the situation.

Learn what the audience wants to hear from you right now.

Try to create content that talks about your brand but relates to the crisis as well.

You must not come across as indifferent.

  • Improve Digital Content

Try to produce more digital content such as webinars and podcasts for short and long-term. 

If you are into training or consulting, it can be the right time to switch to online training. 

Within a few years, the e-learning sector is going to sector a huge surge. 

What you begin now can prove to be useful in future as well when training scenario evolves.

  • Switch from Offline to Online

For local business and retailers, it is time to think about going online.

If possible, change your business model or shift a portion of your business online. 

Shifting the in-store experience to virtual one can make a huge difference in these times.

  • Optimize the Content

If you create content about coronavirus, you need to increase efforts for optimization. 

This way, content can be found in the search results.

  • Search Marketing for Branding

The search engine marketing can be used for branding purpose even if the sale of products/ service is slowing down.

For example, advertisements can point to landing pages with key information on them.

  • Search Marketing for Reputation Management

You need to take care of the online sentiment of people and how it can affect your trust signals during times of crisis.

  • Being Ahead of Competitors

You may temporarily stop your search marketing campaigns for the time being.

However, your competitors might not.

The pertinent question is how you will compensate when things get better?

If you are wondering what brands people will follow, the answer is the brands that stay in touch and not the ones that shut down.

  • Think About Long-Term SEO Strategy

You must not divert from the SEO budget during a crisis unless it is inevitable.

You can continue with SEO because the whole world is taking a break; Google algorithms are working even during a crisis. 

These times can be a chance for you to do back-end work like creating new content or improve the server. 

This will ultimately improve your SEO practices.

  • Refrain from Buying Cheap SEO

During a crisis, if the budgets go for a toss, businesses might look for cheaper SEO practices.

Or they may invest in bundled marketing services instead of choosing the experts who specialize in these services.

During such times, businesses must implement only expert SEO. 

If SEO services are compromised, when the pandemic ends, the business will face issues like no rankings, no traffic, and Google penalties. 


It has been observed that businesses that don’t have SEO experts during any crisis such as pandemic or recession, they damage their business with mediocre services. 

Many of them need to rectify what they did during the crisis.  This is the time for marketers to transform into leaders.

Businesses need to work on short-term solutions and strategies for the future for both business and clients. 

The need of the hour is to be creative with the products and services and communication. The right message needs to be sent which can be carried on during the crisis. It may be challenging to figure out things during tough times.

However, your strategy to survive must be to figure out what’s right for your business and stand through the challenging times. 

Stay Healthy and Safe during this COVID 19 situation.

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