Smart Content Marketing in 2020 : Top 13 Techniques

Content Marketing in 2020

For those who have been living under a rock in the age of digital marketing, content marketing in 2020 is a new age strategic marketing approach. 

It focuses on creating and distributing informative, relevant, and engaging content consistently in the guise of videos, blogs, and social media posts to attract and retain targeted audience who have the potential to become a loyal customer. 

The very essence of good content lies in its ability to promote a brand or its product seamlessly without making it obvious to the reader. 

So, if the growth of your brand seems to be staggering then, you know it is time to pay attention to your content marketing in 2020.

Make use of the following techniques for smart content marketing in 2020 to propel your sales to new heights. 

  1. Targeted landing Page Is The Key To Success 

Getting traffic on your page is only half the battle won. The real struggle is to bring quality traffic that can turn into a lead. 

This can only be achieved by creating relevant content with an emphasis on targeted keywords. 

So, for instance, if you are a brand selling lingerie, then your content should be catered towards women.    

  1. Find Your Buyer’s Persona Through Segmentation 

Your existing customer base or potential leads do not have a uniform personality. Segmentation is the process of categorizing customers carefully after research to create a buyer’s persona. 

Buyer’s persona, although a fictional research-based customer, helps you to visualize your ideal persona. 

When done in the correct form, it can highlight important factors such as – 

  • The age group of your customers 
  • The gender 
  • Financial status 
  • Relationship status 

These can not only help you in product development but also, and more importantly, assist you in creating content that speaks and connects to every buyer’s persona on a more personal level. 

  1. Update The Older Content 

One can see up to a 30% increase in traffic on their page by updating old content. It is a straightforward and effective hack. Here are some tips for doing it – 

  • Add new sub-heading to your post 
  • Edit out-dated information or broken links
  • Include new research and studies 
  • Freshen up the title tag to grab more eyeballs 
  • Re-share your updated post through various social media platforms 
  1. Invest in native ads

Native ads are those ads that are designed to match the look and feel of the media format from which they are being projected. Next, they are the paid content, which often looks like organic content. 

Native ads drive better engagement and make higher eCPMs because they blend into the interface and do not look like a traditional advertisement.  

  1. Competitor Analysis Is Not An Option 

In the age of cut-throat competition, one can only stay ahead in the race by doing better than the rest. Thus, one needs to know how their competitors are going to do better than them. 

This is when a competitor analysis comes into play. 

When done in the correct form, the obtained results of competitor analysis can be integrated into one’s business and marketing strategy in various ways. 

  1. Go For The Connecting Headlines 

The title of your content is crucial. When the title connects to the reader emotionally, they click on the content, thereby taking you one step closer to your goal. 

So, here are some interesting ways to make your title pop – 

  • Your title should express that your content is helpful 
  • Headlines work better when they suggest ways to do something 
  • Add some shreds of evidence like “scientific ways” or “backed by studies.” 
  • Include numbers in your headlines. Odd numbers show to perform better. 
  • Include a statistic number 
  • State a problem and offer it solution 
  1. Content Is The King 

Keywords aren’t only sufficient. They act as a real star in content marketing, which defines the quality of content that you put. 

So, research well. Hunt for the interesting ideas. 

Always go for writing the pieces that are interesting as well as engaging at the same time. 

We suggest you hire content marketing companies in Dubai if writing is not your forte, or you are not familiar with the techniques and tools of this modern marketing approach. 

  1. Stay Consistent 

Studies have shown that brands that put out at least 11 blogs every month did three times better than those who did not. So, invest your time and money in releasing as much content as you can. 

  1. Use A Content Calendar 

Considering consistency, if there is one tool that can improve consistency is a good content calendar. It also helps you to organize and plan your content well ahead of time. 

You can also judge the performance of your content – based on the time and date you are posting it on by studying the calendar.  

  1. Make The Most On Social Media 

Social media can serve a plethora of functions, some of which are – 

  • as a platform for your content 
  • to engage with your audience 
  • advertise your brand and products 
  1. Create More Subscribers 

Although social media is indispensable in the journey of a brand’s success in today’s day and age, experts believe that one must also focus on creating a subscription list. 

The customers on that list will be connected to your webpage in a major way and will be notified of your new blog posts or events mostly through emails. 

You can also use ways to increase your subscription rate. For instance – 

  • Give them some discount on shipping or their first purchase if they subscribe 
  • Upgrade your content by adding resource like a bonus article which can be accessed if someone subscribes to your webpage. 
  1. Internal Links 

Internal links are the links that take a reader from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain. We want you to focus on the internal links within the content. It has three main benefits: 

  • They pass authority from one page to another, thereby, increasing optimization 
  • Guide visitors to high value and high converting pages 
  • A prompt visitor to take action 
  1. Engage with your audience 

You can notice significant growth in business by monitoring the comment section of your posts and blogs and responding effectively. 

A friendly, witty, or funny brand is going to grab a lot of attention, which is the sole purpose of marketing. 

Therefore, to conclude, we can say that content marketing in 2020 is a sophisticated approach but is equally rewarding.

Brands, whether new or established, should invest in content marketing services in Dubai to establish themselves or reach new heights by escalating their sales.  

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